• D!A!E!


  • JustMyOpinion

    How many DJs do it take to compile a mixtape?

  • Rozay

    tried to listen but this shit Waste management I rather listen to Bow Wow real shit who puts a skit on a mixtape I bet you he gets dropped after his album flops.

  • TT

    There’s a couple dope tracks

  • Obama

    Miss me with this bullshit

  • Tsmithtime

    so y’all count here to hate, shut y’all dumb assess up. MGK DON’T EVEN NEED DIDDY. That Lil cracker has more in his life before the age of 25 then most of us will ever do.

  • damn, this dude is like hit & miss….. didn’t like the majority of this mixtape!

    that rucker park freestyle & that highline ballroom freestyle was dope!

  • Scrilla

    This guy sucks

  • mgk got talent y’all, idk what yall talking about

  • 2020 Listen

    Wow this dude is such a bad rapper its not funny. His gimmick is corny, his subject matter is predictable and on top of that he’s not even entertaining. Who is really checking for this dude? Only go hard lost teens that want to feel like they’re apart of something.

  • KoldCase

    this dude is dope as fuck

    same haters on here prolly think 2 chainz is dope hahah

  • @gtfomike

    mgk trash