New Music: Capone “Power (Freestyle)”

Capone keeps the new music grind going strong with a fist in the air over Juvenile’s “Power”. Wouldn’t be surprised if he has a new project coming soon. Stay tuned.


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    yo @BDOT can you guys post a link about what Cheif Keefe said about KANYE. I don’t think many people even knows what happened? and what he said??

  • He sounds like the next 106 and park freestyle friday rapper. That’s not a compliment.

  • frankie

    WTF. I still have not listened to the song and never will
    WTF. What you post this shit
    WTF. Why does rap radar post these songs tha nobody is interested in
    WTF. I have never met a person that told me “hey you heard that new capone”
    Rap Radar I want answers.

  • stanleyipkins

    Showing love, we fucks with fam heavy