New Video: Havoc “Separated”

Taking the podium in the streets, Havoc puts the imposters in their place with the visual to his controversial record. His project 13 is coming soon.

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    so what is the big deal? All I remember is that Hav sent out some tweets that Prodigy was gay in prison. Did Prodigy insult Hav or take his money? Because otherwise this just makes Hav look like a homophobe.

    Is dudes only problem that is coworker is gay? If so, stop being a homophobe. You only gotta worry about your genitals, don’t worry about another man’s dick.

  • This shit is embarrassing… Mobb Deep beefing on wax, y’all hate Drake but the niggas right b “Nowadays niggas reach just to sell a record” TFOH

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    I still find it hard to believe that P is gay but who knows, it’s always the ones you least expect. But on the real this shit is beyond corny even tho the 2 tracks Havoc released dissing P are better than anything on H.N.I.C. 3, this whole thing is just alienating whatever little fan base they had left

  • Keno

    this is garbage.. smh

    Love & Hip Hop Atl Launches “Many Faces of Stevie J” Spades Playing Cards << these sh*ts funny lmao

  • Evil

    Just gotta say props to RR for that “You Played Yourself” colum about Snoop and his stupid jamaica reincarnation bullshit.Talk about EPIC FAIL! Look at that silly Snoop pic on the left..thats a pic of a man who`s done a massive mistake.What the hell were you thinking? Go back to old Snoop




  • Goldenboy

    Dope record!! P card got pulled.. Nowadays you have clowns sayin its kool to be on the DL cuz they on the DL.. FOH!

  • Mobb
  • I didnt hear him say anything in this song that was necessarily directed as Prodigy. He coulda been referring to alot of people. For example, Prodigy album ain’t full of love songs…is it? I thought this was an interesting departure from what u would expect from a MOBB DEEP album and cool to see Havoc branching out on his own to do his own thing and show you his PERSONAL artisitc vision. I also think it’s a refreshing pieceof music. 1000% respect to Havoc on this one. It’s certifiably rewindable.

  • realwickwickwack

    ^^ lmao ,nucca is in denial …keep lying to yourself

  • Trillionaire

    Separate the real from the fake…its necessary! The video is on point..take it to the streets Hav. Trill

  • Black Shady

    DAMN……!!! Hav is playing P in that vid lmao

  • Mandowncru

    Fuck hav and hus fat slob cousin
    Hav You are embarrasing dawg
    Straight up lol
    Fuck these clowns

  • Elem

    DAmn Kid that shit is crazy..