Jae Millz “Large On The Streets” In Studio

Jae Millz made himself comfortable on Kay Slay’s show and recited a dope freestyle over Vado’s instrumental. Most hated and underrated.

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  • Your mother’s “friend”

    It’s over B how you on the hottest team doin it & you cant even get niggas to click play on your videos ? shit even Tony Yayo went gold, this nigga can’t even drop a mixtape

  • Real Talk.

    Finally Jae Millz gets some love from RR, he drops shit frequently and nobody ever posts it on here, I mean of course he ain’t MMG. This nigga got bars for days.

  • Truu

    If that was “recited” then it sure ain’t a freestyle but son was nice.

  • Pkay

    Can’t nobody say this nigga is Wack, YMCMB got some rappers. Minus them lil kids who are like tax write-offs.

  • Kobe

    Niceeeee. Get em Millzy #Legggooo

  • glen

    That was dope.

  • Crewz Controll

    Who cares , he’s a flunky …

  • gtfo

    Weed Carrier

  • Showboat

    Pusha T ate em . . . . who cares?

  • Collar Cali

    His strong suit. YMCMB don’t have faith in my dude. Period. He would do better with MMG.

  • Black Shady

    damn this nigga been trying for 12 yrs or some shit…..let it go dawg its over

  • I Tell It

    this guy was part of the class of 2004 and it’s 2012 bout to be 2013 and he’s struggling to get his debut out

    it’s him and papoose in a race to see who can go the longest without dropping an album

  • i admit this nigga is probably the best spitter on YMCMB, when i first heard “Bedrock” i just knew millz was finally on his way to some kind of maiinstream success….guess not

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Mills UPS Is Hiring. He’s a battle rapper. Always been and will be!