• G.O.AT NAS

  • Rozay

    Say it aint so. Not the peoples champ Nas, if this is true his die hard fans will look stupid.

  • Gee

    SMFH. Media douchebags ALWAYS try to undermine Nas in any way possible.

    And dreamhampton can suck a dick. This broad
    sidestepped a Q about Jay Z to
    make a completely baseless charge on Nas. Wasn’t this heffa done w twitter when niggas called her daughter ugly? Bipolar manic
    depressive ass.

  • deepfriedwhisky

    He should let Jay Elec and Stic take the fall for that album. It sucked.

  • zeee

    its people like dream that have the game all fucked up, having people believe all types of dumb shit not understanding the concept of who writes what. now i can believe that stick and jay elec wrong the hooks and so on but not nas’ entire verses. its like 50 saying he wrote hate it or love it when he really just wrote the hook and his verse and not games verse. its a lot of these fricking wanna be hiphop head fan twisting the game up.
    i might as well say kanye wrote jays verse now right? smh

  • Rozay

    I find it laughable when people talk about other rappers being fake or the way that some of them dress and how there favorite rapper is so real but when some shit comes out about them they try to defend it. Face it most rappers have flaws it wouldn’t be a surprise if Nas used ghostwriters.

  • Tbones

    SMH at Elliot n his dumb cohorts. Hw is this video that came out last week related to a blog/slander abt Nas dat came out just today. Under normal circumstances, y’all should be outta job n flipping burgers.

  • Commenting Carl

    It wasn’t written…. lol

  • Commenting Carl

    because the question was asked if he used ghostwriters in the interview

  • zeee

    @Rozey you know what. you are right. hip hop is so fake today you might just have something there. if he did have ghost writers he should just say so right?sad but it really doesn’t matter any more.

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  • Rozay

    Do you believe for a second that Nas will admit it even though he denied it. like Rick Ross,stands a lot to lose by admitting the truth, Nas’ whole image in hiphop is based of of lyrics so to admit he used or uses ghostwriters would tarnish the reputation that he has.

  • right…

    That doesn’t make any sense so dude is gonna use them 2 just for one album and they write exactly how he spits GTFOH Nas ghostwrites for others dude been had a career of GW from Will Smith to Diddy ect…so for one album specific album he’s gonna get GW’s yeah ok Jr. Gong done witnessed dude write 3 to 4 different verses on some songs for their collab LP and ur tellin me what now Damian Marley wrote that isht 2 smdh I never liked this chick always on some isht or another and stay on Jay-Z’s dick hard “I think Jay writes what he believes” oh and Nas don’t? I’d be more inclined to believe Jay-Z got a ghostwriter than Nas on the real

  • D dude

    “I think Jay writes what he believes”…. wtf

    Simple answer:

    YES of course Jay is concerned about losing dollars.

    It’s not a bad thing. His whole ‘mogul’ image/status is built around being extremely successful (record no 1 albums more so than elvis and the beatles), so it it ain’t broke….

    I would like to see him actually write his lyrics. Cos he isn’t that great a lyricist and his storytelling is like little league compared to nas and eminem as of result of not drafting his lyrics with a pen.

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  • michelle michelle

    If it was just one album he’s still in my top 5.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Get outta here with that NAS isn’t using any ghostwriters. Q.B. stand up !

  • Tbones

    Cosignee @ Right, apparently, dat bitch DReam Hampton is one of then Jays dickriders still feeling the durns of ether. Either dat or Nas refused to let her suck his pipe. She basically just slandered Nas while tryna defend Jay. Check out this Stic man interview about his involvement with the Untitled album n tell me how it translates into Stic man writing majority of the album.


  • wizsucks

    you are a fucking idiot if you think Jay Electronica wrote most of that album, that nigga can barely write his on music, took him 10 years to make an album

  • areal1

    wow!!these bloggers and shit love to hate on Nas so dream Hampton the conspiracy theorist who wrote an article about Suge killing 2pac is who you believe the lady that used 2 suck Big’s dick and has been friends with Jay since high school that’s who you guys run wit?? The nas hate is crazy he’s the GOAT stop it Jay elec is nice but write 4 nas stop did he write that verse on that khaled record 2??? come on nonsense

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Why niggas goin in on Dream ?? Nas is clearly lying he knows what’s at stake you can hear it in his voice


    Would some one give this bitch a chad johnson headbutt. These Jay stans stay reachin.

  • Rozay

    Face it people the same way you hold Ross and Wayne for not being authentic you have to do the same for Nas if he allegedly uses or used ghostwriters the rules don’t change because he’s one of your favorite rappers. Just because he wrote for will Smith doesn’t mean anything. Snoop wrote for Dre but he still uses ghostwriters himself. Also it probably isn’t supposed to be public knowledge that he used them a lot of shit is done on the low.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    I think we got it wrong, Write is a very broad term in music & i think what she means is the general direction of the album was steer headed by Stic & Jay Elec i don’t think she means they actually wrote his rhymes Look up the interview Stic did about the working on the album on hiphopdx

  • I hope this is false but, if so he’s still a legend and has written classics himself
    Loch Spaz Out Apache Cafe Live Show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J32kt0gpn-U

  • Jinx


  • right…


    no dude sorry but I aint buying that isht this chick DEFLECTED a Jay-Z question into a slander on Nas and i’m sorry I aint gonna believe that a nikka that wrote Illmatic at 17 saying some of the isht he said ended up with ghostwriters on ONE album like it makes no sense plus she didn’t even answer the fuckin question that’s what I don’t like as well. Just cause she said it oh now people what to question Nas’ lyrical authenticity ok was she there in the lab did she sit and witness it ok then you don’t “protect” Jay-Z by shittin on Nas. Plus she’s a hypocrite cause with all the revolutionary xtra femininst isht she talks she don’t even check on of the biggest proponents of it in Jay-Z cause “he writes what he feels” yet I clearly remember when Joe Budden wrote that track about Esther Baxter she said he was this and that and light skinned nikkas are this and that but wasn’t he “writing what he felt”? Fuck outta here man I don’t like how this chick moves at all

  • wizsucks

    My man Phonte from Big Brother knows whats up

    RT @phontigallo: Do I believe Nas had collaborators? Sure. Do I believe Jay Elec or anybody wrote verses and gave em to him like “Here, spit this?” Fuck naw.

  • right…

    @Your mother’s “friend”

    Dude we can’t misinterpret something she CLEARLY tweeted in black and white once again stating that Jay Elec and Stic man wrote the MAJORITY of the Nigger album. Plus anyone who knows Nas’ music and how he spits knows it’s bullshit the way he puts his isht together sounds a certain way just like when Em or Kendrick or Snoop ghostwrite/ghostwrote for Dr Dre it sounds like their styles and wordplay but with Dre’s voice. Trust man I’m not a stan at all I just find it fucked up and kinda ironic that the minute Nas’ is actually doin good you wanna throw some BS of this magnitude his way for no reason oh wait my bad in order to deflect attention from Jay-Z

  • Rozay

    @ right…

    but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t true and it doesn’t mean that it is true either all i’m saying is that everyone has their favorite artists for whatever reason and when their favorite rapper is called into question for anything their fans are gonna defend them be it Ross Wayne Eminem Jay-z or whomever it is that’s the way it is everybody does it I just find it ironic and hypocritical because it’s Nas.

  • Citylivin’

    and niggas wonder why NY hip hop is dead….soon to be all hip-hop….I don’t know what medals or awards y’all niggas get for slandering Nas, the nigga is already at the lowest point in his life and is still making money and good records…but hey!…whatever gets y’all dick hard.
    #RapGameFuckedUpBoy *Schoolboy Q voice*

  • bbe4eva

    Tbones link did it 4 me,theres no question that Nas wrote it all… thanx Tbones 4 tha link…
    @right and wizsucks,i liked yall comments 2…

  • Tbones

    @Right, u hit d nail on d head, dat bitch basically slandered Nas just to protect Jay with her outrageous tweet. U can tell there are mad peeps in d “industry” dat cant stand Nas’s success for some strange reasons. Check out dat Stic man interview link i got up top.

  • Rozay

    Alot of you seem to be in disbelief like the white people were when their hero O.J killed Nicole (allegedly)

  • right…


    Dude it’s not about a favorite artist or defending them like this is essentially putting Nas’ into question for what he’s known for which is what he says, the lyrics. It’s not a debate about who is better than who ect… this right here is like putting dude’s career into question you know cause honestly no lie I never listened to Nas for an image or cause it was “cool” it’s cause of what he SAID and if the words he spit never were his words I swear to you i’d never listen to Nas again that’s how deep it is. That’s like finding out Spike Lee never really made any of the movies he did you can’t ever watch “A Spike Lee Joint” cause it wouldn’t be. But there is no way that I believe that especially when the statement comes within a deflection answer.

  • Rozay

    ghostwriters are called ghosttwriters for a reason you are not supposed to see it and as far as the interview what was stic man supposed to say yeah I wrote his shit. die hard Nas fans can’t be called dick riders though let them tell it, but will call Ross Wayne Jay and Em fans dickriders in a minute.

  • D dude


    Yeah but it’s different with Ross and Wayne who are both pathological liars.

    Ross was exposed by the smoking gun because he denied ever working as a prison guard so the smoking gun got proof that he did but kept his bullshit stories going.

    Wayne believes he was gang banging growing up when really he was the protege of baby n slim and has been in show business longer than most rappers rapping today.

    Eminem caught on tape admitted and apologised for racist slurs.

    You can’t compare any of the above with an unsubstantiated statement made by a journalist who I’d never actually heard of prior to this. If Jay elect or Stic come out and corroborate her story then maybe we have something.

    I’m sure what she means is that they contributed to some of the concepts themes ideas behind some of the songs. Made have written a hook here or there but lyrics, seriously who could touch Nas lyrically. Makes no sense.

  • Rozay

    @ right… it’s called writers block a lot of writers get it nothing wrong with it Em has admitted it before how can you say with certainty that he has never used a ghost writer, because he said so, lol, because of his cataloge and writing for will smith? Ross said that he never was a C.O in the beginning but had to admit it because of the picture, rappers lie all the time, no one wants to hear anything bad about their favorite rappers and that’s just the truth whether people admit it or not.

  • zeee

    @citylivin totally agree. dead as a door nail. its a sad state when people cant see what they are doing. white folk stay winning

  • Rozay

    @D dude
    the mere fact that you haven’t heard of Dream Hampton automatically disqualifies you homie.

  • casper21

    technically Jay doesn’t write anything, the man pretty much one takes all his verses doesn’t he? I don’t recall seeing him ever hold a pen or par or blackberry, dude doesn’t write shit down. I don’t like Jay’s music aside from the Black Album, but airing out that kind of statement about nas is slanderous. I mean if your gonna say that about someone of Nas’ stature you’d better have Jay and Stic right there with you admitting that they were paid by Nas to write the album.

  • Theres nothing more sad than a fan in disbelief, tryna scramble for answers and ignoring the facts all in defence of their favourite … because to the fan their favourite can do no wrong.

  • right…


    Em admitted writers block and therefore DIDN’T WRITE that’s what happens with real writers who create their own craft that’s what you don’t seem to understand a novelist, songwriter, columnist… doesn’t get writers block and get someone else to write his material and take credit. Rick Ross being a CO has no relevance here we’re not talking image we’re talking about the actual craft it’s who actually IS THE ARTIST and who isnt. Essentially with that statement you put Nas in the same company as Diddy not to mention it makes no sense again ghostwriters for 1 album and album that wasn’t going to have commercial appeal due to the subject matter so why get ghostwriters it’s contradictory.

  • Dark Vadar

    @ Siya

    lol so tru

  • D dude


    Disqualifies???? Why would I need to know who the hell Dream Hampton is to participate in this debate. I’m a fan of the genre and listen to Nas’ music.

  • D dude

    [email protected]

    Well I’d agree if the fans are flying in the face of actual evidence. But in this case, not really.

  • the real truth

    yall all idiots, Nas been had ghost writters, go back to the 90’s young people and do your research… Cormega and a few other people helped with the Illmatic album…. its true, they dissed him and everything back then…. so I wouldn’t be surprised

  • D Twice

    That feminist bullshit. See what happens when they leave the kitchen?

  • Trillionaire

    No wonder I hated that album and the concept was not executed thoroughly…Nas is a genius no matter what in my opinion though

  • Please not Nas.

    Video : Interview Trey Songz talks about young Drake, Fab and Saïgon : http://leblacketlaplume.com/2012/08/14/video-interview-trey-songz/

  • Heyhey

    A solute ly ridiculous and such a waste of time debating. We all know how nas rhymes. He has a style. A certain way of doing it. Aint nobody writing out verses and handing them to Nasir.


  • Tbones

    @Casper almost all ur post apart from Jay not writing which is still one d biggest myths in hip hop which is clearly debunked by this Q-Tip interview: http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news/id.20780/title.q-tip-explains-what-he-learned-from-pusha-t-jay-z

  • PPrrootteesstt

    If Nas has ghostwriters, it will be on record somewhere. That’s legal shit. No record of ghostwriters, means no ghostwriters(majority of the time).

  • Heyhey

    Check the album Credits

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    @the real truth

    See? it’s fucking idiots like you that start spreading rumors when you don’t even know what the fuck you’re talking about. CORMEGA was fucking locked up during the making of ILLMATIC!! How the fuck could he have wrote Nas’ rhymes on ILLMATIC??? Dumb ass. Mega went to jail before Illmatic dropped and didn’t come home until for years after. People learned Mega’s name because Nas been shouting him out since Illmatic and mentioning him in “One Love”

  • areal1

    @Tbones thats an official link do it one more time 4 tha haters thanks


    Since Dream Hampton qualifies as some sort of expert I’m still waiting to hear what 6 reference tracks she heard that are on the Untitled/Nigger album. smh. All that writing she does and as much noise as this would’ve made 4 years ago when the album dropped, she decides to say something now on Twitter? Give me a break. I will never believe that someone wrote a song and handed it to nas on a silver platter telling him how to spit it. No way on Earth. Think of all the people who’ve worked along side Nas in the past 20+ years, all the enemies that used to rhyme with him, be in the studio with him, all the producers he’s written in front of and NOW a Dream Hampton comes out with with this bullshit. and some sucker ass nigga who’s name I’ve only ever heard of because he put out a Jay Electronica mix tape comes out and says this bullshit and people saying Nas don’t write his own shit? Come on people, seriously.

  • WTF Is Lil Wayne Wearing

    She givin’ all females in hiphop a bad name. Bitches here for gettin’ us pussy and sandwiches, not writin’ articles and rappin’. Stupid hoe, burn in hell.

  • Heyhey

    Queenz. He’s talking bout it was written affirmative action nas says

    Life’s a bitch but god forbid she divorce me

    I don’t think meg wrote that

  • Rozay

    Theres nothing more sad than a fan in disbelief, tryna scramble for answers and ignoring the facts all in defence of their favourite … because to the fan their favourite can do no wrong.

    couldn’t have said it better myself. calling the woman all type of bitches and everything
    die hard Nas fans in disbelief like a mother one dude named QUEENZ so you know why he’s defending Nas

  • Heyhey

    Check no I’d twitter. That should clear everything up

  • strongisland


  • Heyhey
  • Rozay

    the album in question is the nigger album though not life is good.

  • Evil

    NAS using ghostwriters is quite shocking and disappointing

  • Brahsef


    The difference between the rappers you mention and Nas is that Nas is the G-O-D.

    Rozay and Wayne are soulless rappers. Even when Wayne was good, Carter 2 era, he was just a punchline rapper with a mean flow. Anyone coulda written those lyrics (I personally still think theyre all mainly Waynes)

    Nas is a true poet. It wouldn’t surprise me if he co-wrote songs with dudes. Or if in the studio they’re just bouncing ideas off one another and shit like that. But for him to just take another dudes lyrics. Nah, that just doesn’t make sense.

  • Rozay


    that’s possible but I learned a long time ago that you should never say never, that way you won’t be disappointed. but I will say Nas deserves the benefit of the doubt based on his track record but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. I don’t believe everything anybody tells me, that’s just me though.

  • Royalty of this shyt!

    Nas a Thug poet! bitch

  • Brahsef


    I can respect that. Nas isn’t my favorite or anything like that, but he’s one of those dudes that pursues the art with passion. And if it was ghostwritten, it was only Untitled…

  • Tbones

    Cill d fuck out meat heads. I knw life is hard out there n most of y’all haters live a boring life so i can understand why y’all getting excited by a blog written by a nameless boy n a gurl dat is clearly clueless about hip hop. This right here is an interview of Stic-man about his involvement in d niga album: http://www.nodfactor.com/2009/06/23/stic-man-talks-about-producing-for-nas/

    Hav a nice read and come back n tell me how Stic man ghost wrote large portions of the album.

  • Collar Cali

    This post so disrespectful. Nas is the greatest rapper ALIVE. Done.

  • Rozay

    Tbones you keep leaving out Jay Electronica too she said he ghostwrote too and he isn’t supposed to talk about it do you really think stic-man would admit it in an interview especially if Nas hadn’t said anything at that point? everything isn’t about hate my friend people nobody is above criticism even NAS. it’s almost as if he can’t do no wrong in his fans eyes. If it turns out to be true what would you say then. it’s almost like a kid who looks up to his father only to find out that his father is a dead beat and aint shit, oh such disapointment, being fans is one thing but these people are human so stop putting them on a pedal stool like they can’t do anything wrong.

  • Nathanial Hörnblowér

    dream-on hampton should look into ghostwriters. “Largely” written? Everyone bounces ideas off their circle, you’re reaching.

    “Nobody wants to hear their grandmother (talk about) rap.” *eminem voice*

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Peep Sticman’s facebook he just admitted to dream he wrote “some” bars for nas

  • @ Your mother’s “friend”

    It doesnt matter dude … even if nas himself admited it ppl would still discredit it and say damn shit like “the style, flow and pattn is Nas’s so how cud it have been written by someone els”

    Like i sed : Theres nothing more sad than a fan in disbelief, tryna scramble for answers and ignoring the facts all in defence of their favourite … because to the fan their favourite can do no wrong.

  • Rozay

    @[email protected]

    Looks like you need a ghost writer too for all them mispronounced words,
    no i’m just fucking with you, but yeah you are right though.

  • @ Rozay

    Im Zulu from South Africa …. Dont mind my mispronounced words English is not my 1st language

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    @ [email protected] lol foreal

  • Tbones

    @Rozay, u been yapping off tangent since. Am not d type to go off stupid n unfounded gossips n rumours, I go with wat comes outta d horses mouth which in dis case only Stic-man got something concrete n very clear. Nothing from J.elect yet. So if u want me to give credence to Dream or a nobodt blogger then thats ur cup of tea. Funny thing is this shit is only news on twitter whr u n i knw dat is d fake world peeps can perpetuate bullshit n get away with it.

  • Jungle

    That funky bitch done lost her mind

  • right…

    I still say it’s funny how that COMPLETELY deflected the Jay-Z question and turned it into a shot towards Nas say what you want but that’s what it ended up being smgdh whatever man i’m done anyways with this whole “culture” cats just tear others down in order to support they peoples cause I don’t giva damn the way this was set up this woman has to know it would create a firestorm and for what? Jay-Z? like seriously what was the point? smgdh crabs in a fuckin barrel I tell you no wonder hip hop turned to shit. It used to be dope man…

  • Tbones

    @Jungle, That funky bitch does not evn knw the diff between ghost writing n getting co-writing credit which J-elect n Stic-man got in d liner notes of d album.

  • The Flyness.

    The Utmost Disrespect.

  • Jungle

    Dream is just talking out the side of her mouth..Stic produces his contributions was no different than any producer so to say Nas read 16s from another man’s pen is just as idiotic as saying reads her wack ass statements from somedbody else. We know it comes from…just because you old in the game don’t mean you can be lying on people. It’s baseless untrue and misleading. Be for real

  • @ Your mother’s “friend”

    Yeah im from South Africa … home of Nelson mandela, home of Chad La Clos who just beat Michael Phelps to the butterfly gold medal, home to “The Blade Runner” Oscar Pretorius, Home to Thabo Sefolosha (OKC Thunder) and home to Charlize Theron.

    Back to the article … Do I think the rumour are true ?? It being already out there has done damage enuf … so all I gotta say is that if anyone deserves a pass in hip hop, its Nas.

  • No Idols

    @ [email protected]

    And home to Earl Sweatshirt i believe.

  • Decepticon

    Agree with the African guy lets give Nas a pass (wetha tru or not) and move on.
    the more we ignore the story the faster it will go away

  • F* Dream

    Thabo Sefolosha is African ?!?

  • Decepticon

    But why would Nas get a lesser rapper than him 2write shit 4him ? doesnt make sense .
    Isnt the whole purpose of getting a ghostwriter to get someone better than u so to come across as beta than u realy are ?

    Dre doesnt get Lil B (a wacker rapper) to ghostwrite for him, he gets K Lamar (a better rapper) to do so.

  • ^

    Thank you! This is absolute proof that Nas believes that Jay Electronica shits on him as a rapper.

  • UseUrFinMind

    Seriously. This is stupid. Nas using ghostwriters? Collaborating with other artists doesn’t qualify as ghostwriting, especially when it’s known they’ve collab’ed in such a way. So many artists do this, whether it’s with other artists or with bouncing ideas with their team. Now for her to make some slanderous comments about Nas because of some sort of back and forth input on an album is seriously stupidity. Like people have said above, his style of writing is noticeable and very iconic. Just like Rakim’s lyrical style was. It’s sad that somebody would say something like that to take away from that.

    And this whole post about a tweet is taking away from the spotlight his new project should receive. Life is Good is a great album and a well put together album especially in this day and age. Even though that’s not the topic of discussion, this topic being discussed about ghostwriting about a previous album is close to irrelevant since it was not even ghost writing, it was collaboration. Post a video or something about his new album, and take this nonsense off. Respect a great lyricist for his craft and dedication not some slanderous comments from a woman who can’t even verify what she’s said.

  • Scrilla

    Jeezy is now the best rapper to ever live. Nas don’t write his own shit

  • FTW

    I don’t even know why RR gave this bird’s tweets any shine.

    (see what I did there)

    She mad.

  • Niggas Going In On Dream …….yes!!!! People Thought i Was Crazy now I See People that Say The Same Thing i Was Saying

  • Name Withheld

    Of all music fans, Hip-Hop/Rap music fans are the most narrow-minded and unreliable people. Ghostwriting is part of the music as much as singing/rapping itself. Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, Whitney Houston and plenty other great singers sing songs that were written by other songwriters but that doesn`t take anything away from their talent. So what`s the fuss!??

    I could care less if Nas did in fact used ghostwriters. The man`s got a great body of work regardless. Just enjoy the music, dammit!

  • Name Withheld

    *did in fact use ghostwritres

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  • chin

    well pac did say “Hey Nas ya whole damn style is bitten” i bet ya’ll forgot about that though. i bet you cowards aint forget about pac dissing Jay though. . not throwing shade at esco, but he probably had some people write some hooks or a few bars during his career

  • QUE


  • Kemosabi

    It didn’t seem like she was ready to start that shit to anybody else? She better play those tapes she has or get Jay Elect to cosign otherwise she just sounds real out of pocket no Tim Tebow. Stop acting like bitches on this site believing everything on MF twitter that shuts for the birds. Hence the twitter bird lol

  • this bitch killing what little credibility she got speading false imformation NOT COOL

  • Nickey Negrito

    I read Stic’s story and i believe him. Someone just said Jay E didn’t write shit for Nas.

    Real artist like Nas write their own work. I can tell in the song SUMMER ON SMASH that Swizz wrote the hook, but does that discredit Nas as a great rapper? Fuck No!( in my Dave Chappelle voice)

    Real rap artist like Nas, Jay, Em, 3000, Big, Pun, Kane, Rakim, Talib, Dead Prez and others, know that they can’t be great Artist using a damn ghostwriter.

    Damn Dream, i use to respect you. I hope someone hacked yo account? People will not want you around.

    PUT DREAM IN THE “PLAYED YA’SELF” SECTION. Move over Ms. Banks…lol

  • This shit is frivolous, Nas IMO is probably the only rapper that came out that young and sounded basically the same the whole time.

    Hov was on some fast shit, BIG’s voice & flow weren’t the same at the start, Eminem sounded like a eastcoast nigga, Pac’s flow was completely different, Common was worse back in the day, Kanye’s delivery changed. Outside of Jadakiss or maybe Pun, I can’t think of no other great rapper that consistently sounded the same from the first time you heard them to now.

    Now if she trying to say Nas took the concept for the album from Dead Prez or somebody, I could see that…

  • *spreading* ^^

  • See(sic)

    The vitriol in some of these comments is hysterical. if what dream said is true then to me that album looks better because the musical product is coming from different dimensions. if you just had Nas writing it would have sounded different. Better? Maybe. Like Nas said, he gets lines and ideas from everybody, so what differerence would it make if he got something from his peers who happen to be MC’s? Maybe it’s time to cut the sensationalist bullshit and let legends live in peace. And some wonder why hip hop lacks respect. now excuse me, i have to listen to some Illmatic.

  • dunnydundun

    tell this bitch look at the publishing on watch the throne and see who wrote for jay-z & Kanye on dat.

  • nico_one

    Ya all on some little bitch shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Jay Electronica Tweeted: “Nas is one of the Greatest Ever. never has and never will need a ghostwriter. that man’s pen and legacy is without question.”

    What’s taking so long for these blogs to post that?

  • Nickey Negrito

    @Queenz, i agree.

  • mac DIESEL




  • WTF Is Lil Wayne Wearing

    If a nigga been ghostwritin’ for Nas I’m a quit hiphop.

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  • mell

    it proves he’s human, which is refreshing. however, it don’t make a bit of difference if he used other writers on 1 album, which wasn’t even his best work. check out iLLmatic!! he does not have anything else to prove to anyone!!! he got that juice…………….. do you????????