• ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Nice Congrats to Afrika Bambaataa.

  • How Wonderful…

    Wow. Thats good. Hip Hop education is always appreciated. Maybe like three years ago, I had a NYPD detetective come to my agency where I work to talk about adolescent gang violence and he pulled up a photo of Bambaataa and said he was the leader of the “violent street gang, The Zulu Nation”…I bugged out. Shout out to all the pioneers who are teaching and lecturing.

  • damn, now this is some good NEWS! luv it, man!… HIP HOP on the forefront: Knowledge is POWER

  • Trillionaire


  • really23

    Bambaaataa is the Ofiicial SuperDuper OG of this rap shit.

  • Honors and MUCH deserved CONGRATS! LONG over-due recognition!!!

  • dope. that’s the only real news I’ve seen today from Hip-Hop.

  • I would love to take that class.Zula nation
    Loch Spaz Out Apache Cafe Live Show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J32kt0gpn-U