Lady Gaga Featured On Kendrick Lamar LP

After catching Kendrick Lamar’s performance at the Pitchfork Music Festival, Lady Gaga revealed that she will be featured on “Partynauseous” off her labelmate’s solo debut, good kid, m.A.A.d city. It’s been a minute since Gaga collaborated with a rapper, so the result should be interesting.

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  • Cruel Thing

    Shit, Gaga’s been irrelevant for some time now

  • Regular Guy


  • Boiiii

    everything below this comment will say “Kendrick is gona sell out after having a song with Lady Gaga!!”

    y’all need to chill the fuck out; no one encourages rapper to leave their genre anymore.

    Go comment on the Rick Ross post haters!!!!


  • Scrilla

    He must of sucked her dick good for that feature

  • dumb niggas these days

    WALE PT 2!

  • Frank the Tank

    Those would be some ugly kids if they hooked up.


    Kendrick is still the troof.

  • Evil

    Fuck that shit.
    Slim Tha Mobster just went HAM on 50cent on twitter.He says 50 called Interscope and made sure they stopped promoting him.He threatens him and shit,even started talking about how 50 got the Feds watching Hip Hop.
    50 has not responded yet

  • mac DIESEL

    @ B.Dot




  • Oh HellNaaa.

    VIDEO : Trey Songz Interview talks about his work with Drake, Big Sean, JCole and Saïgon.

  • tweezy

    now thats the will to fly,,,

  • PPrrootteesstt

    This should be dope. That’s a pretty dope picture too

  • Trayvon Martinez

    If this was any other rapper yall would say they a sellout, but because its kendrick it must be okay. SMH Yall some biased niggas on this site, for real.

  • LetMeCry

    Kenndrick …..
    You’re all about Hiii power and that spiritual shit .. so why would you have Lady GaGa on a record ? shes the opposite a nigga stand for .

    Black Hippy ?

    I see him about to take some huge Lz with this album … damn

  • Alex

    this nigga should have put RedMic on that album….hit that itunes and listen to her “Ghost Stories” LP that shit is classic she’s a female version of Nas


    yeah, i’m not feelin anything related to gaga, but i trust kendrick not to make shitty music.

  • LetMeCry

    Im a big Kendrick Lamar fan, but that Swimming pools track was mysterious and seemed to have a deeper , more dark meaning than most people realise.

    Now he got Lady Gaga on his LP

    So, is this a Wale PT.2 or what ? Interscope kill careers.

    Also, notice how Lady GaGa said its a record SHE had been working on which then became a collab … hmmm

  • checking 4 this album & lupe

  • Yoshie

    well its good publicity if not anything else..

    Love & Hip Hop Atl Launches “Many Faces of Stevie J” Spades Playing Cards << these sh*ts funny lmao

  • that’s incredibly disappointing. i love kendrick- but he’s got a weakness in the hook department. this wont help.

  • cness

    come on kendrick you better then that pop rap shit

  • WTF Is Lil Wayne Wearing

    Insterscope wants him to blow up fast as fuck. Well that’s 1 whack record on the album. TDE 4 Lyfe.

  • Victor Von DOOM

    When Kendrick Lamar album does great

    Rap radar gonna be like we was the first to post Kendrick’s music….Last time I checked y’all rap radar niggas called him boring with mediocre beats.

  • Black Shady

    Yall need to calm the fuck down. Kdot knows exactly what hes doing. I bet the house he wont change his style. Having Gaga on the hook (if done properly) could be great!!!

    Plus it will expose him to a wider audience. As long as he stays true to himself…im good with it

    Black Hippy!!!!!

  • Word

    I think, depending on how he uses her vocals, this could work. Of course it’ll be single because, hey, why get a Gaga feature and not try to reach out to her base a little bit.

    But I dont think this will be bad. Im not really anti-pop or against dudes collabing with pop stars IF IT WORKS. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesnt. Obviously Kendrick and Gaga are labelmates, so I cant help but believe the higher ups might’ve forced this on him, but hey if it works then no one will care. Chances are, if the song DOES suck, i’ll just delete that ONE track off the overall album. No big deal.

  • Word

    And shoutout to B.Dot on “discovering” this information! Good shit!

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    You think Kendrick Lamar has a choice? No, he does what his Massa tells him to do, Jew World Order

  • Devante

    Remember Wale single was with lady gaga and his album sold 80k

  • Victor Von DOOM

    ^Wale’s album were under shipped and interscope didn’t believe in him as an artist….Wale signed with Ross and sold 200k

  • dee

    ^^^^now his album is GOLD lol wale > interscope i just hope kdot doesn’t get swindled like wale did

  • armageddon

    FUCK. YES.

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  • Crewz Controll

    Kendrick is gonna be just fine , Wale didnt have a backing like Kendrick has with Aftermath , trust me the Doc is not gonna take a “L”

  • Mike Tyson

    Want To Hear What A Phone Call From Mike Tyson Sounds Like At 3am? Hahahahahahaha #Listen


    @Crewz Controll

    The Doc seems like a shitty record exec to me. He might not take the “L” but artist who signed to him def did…..Eve, Busta, Rakim, Joel Ortiz, Bishop Lamont, Raekwon, Marsha from floetry, etc. Jimmy is pulling Dre’s string….look up the interview on how Em fought for Skylar Grey stay on “I need a doctor” instead of Gaga.

  • Jacob

    Yall could say what you want but nobody says 2pac is a sellout for working with madonna (you know the lady gaga before lady gaga), you know why because 2pacs a beast and so is kendrick. Kendrick knows how to make some good mainstream music so I don’t give a fuck


    kendrick’s album will be great.

  • t

    i smell a wale game plan

  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    If it didn’t help Wale, it ain’t going to help Kendrick also.

  • mac DIESEL

    Sarcastic A$$hole says:

    If it didn’t help Wale, it ain’t going to help Kendrick also.




  • KoldCase

    shit will be dope

    i loved chillin dope ass song

    this will be the same

    hes not selling out trust me

  • casper21

    risky move for sure, but if the record is dope who cares.

  • PEEP

    I think Gaga needs this feature more than Kendrick.

  • Jason

    Can’t wait for the other Songs of the Album.

  • RealHipHopBack

    I hate the rap sell outs, but I don’t think this going to be a pop song……. Let the song come out first for fuck sakes

  • TheCool

    This is dope. Have yu ever heard Gaga sing acoustic when she’s not over the Pop production? She’s talented. It’s not like he’s jumping on a track with Britney Spears.

    And smh at some of yu now worried the album will be Pop. “good kid, m.A.Ad city” The name alo shows Kendrick will continue telling the story he’s been telling since Overly Dedicated.

    Plus, so far, everything he’s dropped post-Section 80 has been fire. The Recipe? Dope. Cartoons And Cereal? Prolly one of his top 5 tracks. Even Swimming Pools managed to have a catchy hook, and Kendrick STILL snapped with the flow. That single kills any lazy ass radio attempt Wale, or Cole (sorry Cole. I’m a big ass fan. But 90% of his singles are watered down and aren’t even that catchy) have tried putting out.

    Kendrick might jus drop a classic.

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