New Mixtape: Fred The Godson Gordo Frederico

Fred The Godson throws his weight around with his new mixtape, Gordo Frederico (That’s fat Fred in Espanol). The project features collabos from Jim Jones, Fat Joe, and Lil’ Kim. Tracklist and download below.


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  • Rapfan

    I’m hyped my fav rapper

  • The_Man

    Already downloaded it and half way through, It’s no where near as good as City Of God but still some dope music and crazy bars.

  • PistolPistol

    Wheres Slaughterhouse Mixtape???!!

  • Oz

    niggas need better album covers, do you realise there is so much music now and it is so easy to get that you need to filter all that music and be selective on what you listen to based of whatever, now something like a shitty cover can be enough to prompt me not to listen to the thing. and the reverse also where someone i really didnt think i would listen to 2 chainz had a decent cover so i checked out the album and hey wasnt bad killed a few brain cells but whatever. its a shame because some albums/mixtapes are dope as hell and then they put together some shitty cover so when scanning through billions of free shit to download a day not gonna click that, if you cant do a good cover how can the music be good. avoid cliches i mean the praying hands jay-z hat pose with city backdrop and jesus peace…so original ay, but that said fred is a dope MC fire your graphic designers

  • Beezy

    Co-sign Oz 8000%

  • strongisland

    this guy just has a bunch of punch lines, but u can tell its all talk and he cant put a solid and concise thought together. til this day, we still dont know what or who this guy is and even tho he claims to be a “hustler”..ONLY THE ELITE know the truth…he aint never been outside

  • Cruel Thing

    Fred The Bull Frog