Beanie Sigel Performs At S.O.B.’s

Before returning to prison next month, Beanie Sigel made his S.O.B.’s debut last night. He performed a string of his hits included new material from his album, This Time. Album drops August 28th. Film courtesy of

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  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    I gotta feeling Jay or Ye is gonna use my name in a song!

  • FTW


    Beans is one of the realest dudes to ever do it.

    But people want (almost need) a candy coated reality.

  • onenutned

    this nigga beans still got that shit…nigga just goon minded.

  • Angelo

    As dysfunctional as Beans has been…he still that nigga! I always preferred Beans music over Hov’s to be honest.