• milli

    Only songs I ever like by Joc was goin Down an coffee shop was funny. Its time to hang up the mic mane.

  • fucking junkies

    everyone in hiphop (mainstream atleast) is sooooo fucking unoriginal…..how many “molly” songs have we heard in the last month or 2??? TOO MANY! muthafuckas just ride whatever wave is the lastest! “ohhh is that what they talking bout now ok,…..oh people already made songs about it? ehhh so what we’ll just milk this “trend” dry…MOLLIES FOR EVERYONE” SMH……SMMFH….all these artists are fucking dope fiends! just wait until COKE N HEROIN “seems” like the cool thing do n watch all the coke/dope songs come out
    “girrrrl lemme stick you with this needle yeaaahhhhh girl roll that hundred dollar bill up….n snort, snort snort, snort yeaaahhh girl lets get fucked upppp….coke n dope we call that speed ball yeaahhh coke n dope we call that speed balllllll”
    I remember when it was just WEED …..SMH…I must be getting old huh SMH

  • fucking junkies

    so ya’ll can keep them pharmacuticals and man-made drugs over there where yall at….Me and mine gonna stay with that HERB, that all-natural PLANT……lemme know how that works out for ya’ll, I’ll be ova here burning a fat blunt of that kush
    WEED>>>>>>>everything else!

  • fucking junkies


  • supa

    Hottest song in the ATL right now, check it out and download it for free——> http://www.soundcloud.com/supamuzik/YOLO

  • Balla

    Two of the most irrelevant niggas in rap

  • BG

    This song actually “popped up” like 3 days ago.

    Rap Radar, accurate as always.

  • flawlessly-flawless

    @fuckin junkies, your absolutely right, whatever the wave is, for instance lil wayne will be one of the first to hop on that trend: “100 dollar bill in my palm, needle in my arm, got bad bitch wit me, she said my dick long as her arm” This has been (mainstream) hip hop over the past few years

  • frankyg


  • Corniest fucking song of the year

  • PEEP

    molly is for pussies. its a bitch drug u homos.

  • Know how to get coffee for nothing in starbucks