Bone Thugs-N-Harmony “Tha Crosssroads” At RTB

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony reunited yesterday at Rock The Bells and gave an encore performance of “Tha Crossroads”. Still ringing off 16 years later.

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  • Jrockdontstop

    This used to be what MMG is today, in my opinion. They were like rap’s super group. You had people sayin’ they was some shit and other’s followin’ ’em like a cult. That was a cool era of hip-hop.

  • Alex

    kill yourself for comparing mmg to the greatness of bone thugs….all those niggas were dope and REALLY came from a REAL gutter in cleaveland…hell even flesh n bone could out rhyme them mmg niggas and he spent 10yrs in the pen

  • static

    bone thugs great bizzy bone a bum and never shows to shows garbage as rapper..

  • Jrockdontstop

    LOL @Alex I aint mean they could even come close. I came up listenin’ to Bone, Mobb Deep and Wu and appreciated the circles they could rhyme around rappers back then let alone now. To a lot of these new niggas it’s MMG or YMCMB or 2Chains or whatever da fuck. What I meant when I said “This used to be what MMG is today, in my opinion” is that errybody knew about ’em whether they fucked wit’ ’em or not.

    Also, Meek could fuck wit’ em. He rap quick as shit. Wale is a poet, so he not included, to me.

  • mrsjacoby19

    I really enjoyed this post! I love Bone Thugs N Harmony! Thanks for posting!!

  • sunn

    goat. bizzy bone

  • Easy E

    Meek Mill can fuck with Bone? This guy is no longer permitted to speak hip hop music.

  • Jrockdontstop

    @Easy E, Go listen to Rose Red. Meek rap fast as shit on that joint. Granted he don’t harmonize nor rap as fast as Bizzy he still could be like they lil son son. Or on Mo Thug Family back when they was tryin’ to make a name. What, you gotta NOT be able to understand his rhymes half the time for him to qualify? LOL @ no longer bein’ permitted to speak on hip-hop. Bone tight! They was one of my favorite groups back in like 95-99.

  • PEEP

    ^ur a fucking buffoon. u like what ur told to like ya damn sheep. bahhhhh nigga

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  • Jrockdontstop

    @Peep Buffoon?! How so? You sound like a fool. I fucked wit’ Jay-Z waaaaaay before he was hot. I put my mans n dem on to him. When Blackstar came out I was tellin’ niggas that they was the truth. My hip-hop taste got so much substance I don’t even know why I’m replyin’ to this dumb shit. Bottom line I feel like if Meek was on his A game he could come out wit’ a notorious thugs 2 type joint and I would wanna hear it. B.I. aint harmonize or try to rhyme like them but dat shit was fire.