• Midsize Jerm

    Life is Good was pretty disappointing, spending too much time on the reminiscing , throwback flow instead of trying something new or innovative. Still good, but I was expecting more.

    • B.Dot

      I think it was a solid album. I think some overrate calling it a classic, but it’s good

  • Brahsef

    Reminiscing from a mid life perspective is actually pretty new and innovative in hip-hop. You don’t see many mc’s writing about the struggles of having a 18 year old daughter or a divorce in a non bitter way. I say its on par with Stillmatic, which puts it in classic category. I’ll def play some of these tracks for years to come.

  • areal1

    classic in 2012 the problem is your comparing it to the golden era of rap and his classics but for this day and age its def classic

  • London

    i think Nas is top 3 but this album .. not really

  • LusiART

    watch my lyric video for ‘Mirage’ by Chris Brown & Nas ! took me 3 days to make it -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EybXBf9py5s share it if you liked 🙂 thanks.

  • Royalty of this shyt!

    classic in this era …anything less in an understatement…to the niccas at top being disappointed better get used to it is 2012…so for the illusory of what you call time this is beyond anything musically thats out right now in what you call rap

  • BRu

    @B. Dot… I don’t think it’s appropriate to call it a classic yet. It’s better than a good album, it’s a very good album & it does get better with each listen. Easily the best Hip Hop album since 2005. I think people forget how bad Hip Hop has become and how long it’s been since anything very good has been out. Alot of overrated & overhyped stuff has dropped.

  • LIG

    Thank God Nas is a true FEARLESS artist! All this new “innovative” music is pure garbage & the haters know it! People just have a difficult time being honest & Nas displays honesty throughout this GREAT album…LIG!

  • Real Talk

    Nas is pretty damn innovative on Life Is Good if you ask me. Nas is one of the realest & most innovative artist hip hop is blessed to have today (past, present & future)!

  • M.T

    Nas has album of the year with this album.

  • Honestly, Life is Good isn’t that much better than The N or Hip Hop is Dead IMO, niggas were just more ready to hear Nas after 4 years instead of 2 like the usual gap between his albums.

    Same thing with Stillmatic (which I do consider a classic) but really, it’s not THAT much better than I Am, overall. And if I Am didn’t leak, it would’ve easily been better, that’s all the Lost Tapes really is, leaked I Am shit…

  • @sway z you right

  • Bitches even complain on good days

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