2 Chainz Based On T.R.U. Story Tops Charts

Here’s the truth: Tomorrow, 2 Chainz’s Based On A T.R.U. Story will debut at the top of the charts. According to HDD, the project has moved an estimated 145,809 copies. This will also mark Chainz’s first number one album. Congrats! Final tally tomorrow.

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  • Scrilla

    Who’s the hottest rapper now? Haha this nigga got all this hype and sold Future numbers

  • @tshiamofs

    Gives hope to the rest of the whack niggers out there.

  • kareem


  • IamRealTalk


  • Killa K

    I don’t get it. This guy is a terrible rapper.


  • 2 Whack

    Told you so!!!!

  • lilrizq

    His album was aiight but you know… he’s with Def Jam so the probably co-op bought the all of 2 Chain’s hard copies. I’d rather he sell more records then that weak a– Cheef Keef. now look a this 33 sec. teaser i edited for my homies.

  • mac DIESEL




  • Count

    @Scrilla, Future numbers is 40k. This is Nas numbers.

    I am shocked. I didn’t think he would NEARLY this well.

    Congratz 2 Chainz.

  • How Wonderful…

    Damn, those arent big numbers at all….I remember when dudes like Ja Rule were selling like 300K in the first week. Times sure have changed.

  • Count

    would do*

  • JHP

    Future debuted at #8 with about 40,000 sales, 2 Chainz is debuting at #1 with about 150,000 his sales are definitely not on as low a level as Future’s. But lol at Kareem’s comment though, Drake obviously had Chris Brown in mind when he said that, but damn I wonder how Chainz would feel hearing that line, even though he did actually sale a little bit over. Me personally, I bought 2 Chainz album and it’s by no means a classic, but it’s pretty decent. He’s not the best lyricist by a LONGSHOT, but I think he’s funny and find his music entertaining, I can get hype to it when I don’t feel like listening to music with complex themes and all that. #TRUUUUUU

  • Zagga

    You niggaz need to remember that times changed and sales have fallen. 140K today is like 300K in yesteryear’s sales numbers, so this is a good number for a debut, especially 2 Chainz who’s pretty much just a trap rapper. He did as good as Nas so what more could you really ask for?

  • Hannibal Lecture

    His album was better than Rick Ross album

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    Congrats 2 Chains…I like his music (even tho I am aware that he may be mentally retarded on the mic at times). Dude is just funny to me. Those are Nas numbers tho….Dayum! In any event shitty rapper or not….dude put in the work and reaped it. Congrats brother.


    Sick of u niggas with these weak ass opinions who probably have’nt been to another part of the country or inside of a club. What “new” planet yall live on where these are not good record sales. This is not the 90’s or early 2000’s.Ya’ll prolly from NY and and yall sound pitiful. Dude sold better than Nas by the way.

  • IM730

    anyone saying “these are good numbers for now” are dumb. Drake sold how many?? I aint drakes number one fan but if he can do those number that means its not impossible. I think in some ways he has a Em thing about him. Like he takes creating music serious but his lyrics have a slight comedic value to them. But foreal whats next? lil b does 200k?


    and to dude who said this was better than ROSS album. not by any stretch of the imagination can this album be considered in the same league as Ross album.Fucouttahere..Ross delivered a well thought out , sonically superior album.


    Ha !


    Sick of niggas like dude above me comparing niggas to Eminem wack ass as well.Eminem has no hits on the Charts.None.No albums being played in the hod.none. No records in rotation in the club.none.He cant be compared to artists who grindin with real music that “real” people play and it doesnt take MTV or Magazines to lie to the masses( Eminem weak ass)


    drake fanbase by his second album is much bigger than 2 Chainz, he supposed to do numbers.

  • M.T

    Fuck 2chainz and anybody that love em.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected]”Ross delivered a well thought out , sonically superior album”.

  • Me

    Dutch u wack 4 that comment Em & wack never go in the same sentence

  • Carvi

    good shit for tity 2 chainz. but someone tell this @dutch character to shut the fuck up.

  • IM730

    Yea @dutch you mad dumb. Em been in the game for almost 20yrs you think he aint have to grind like everyone else. Plus hes white. thats a set back in a mostly black sport. Even your boy 2chainz would say the same thing. Prolly looks up to Em.

  • KingJuggaNott

    All that was is just to satisfy the suits–now he can get back to the real bidness. Putting out mixtapes and doing shows. When guys can tour off of mixtapes I don’t even know why they are getting Major deals besides just to get someone to pay for videos and give you and advance. What’s the use? Not many people buy albums anymore.

  • Kali

    Congrats to 2 chainz,was expecting it to sell around 20k tho

  • @tshiamofs

    Nas is at his best in a very long time and numbers put him in the bracket as 2chainz…sometime I jus feel like ‘fuck this numbers, they lie’

  • Devante

    Wtf why are y’all hating he sold the same amount as Nas and 50k less then Ross an established artist who’s 5 albums in…

  • Brown Shady

    Slaughterhouse better top the charts

  • ayyeee

    Lets see if this album can last in the charts. i’ll be shocked if this album goes gold!

  • Kali


    That doesn’t mean he’s better than them.Who knows, he might have bought 100k himself.Bwahahahahahahahaha

  • real-talk

    Those are solid #s are solid as fuck…. You could count on your hands rappers right now that could do better #s then that…

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    See my thing is…Plenty niggas get “Talent” and “Hard work” confused way to often. And believe one or the other leads to sales. This nigga simply put himself out there constantly, to the point where he could not be ignored. Point blank. Think about it how many ultra talented muthafuckers out there that we all personally know could crush the game but don’t because they don’t grind enough. Some do grind hard and still don’t but my point is…In 2012 talent is secondary. Hunger is king. Truth.

  • Oz

    i guess this means he falls under the “selling under 150 you gotta be kidding”

  • The Hood

    I Respect And Am Proud Of “2 Chainz” And Anyone Else Grind’in And Making Something Outta This Fucked Up World !!

    Stop Hating And Dream Killin!!

  • Oz’s Dad

    Get A Cock Sandwhich

  • Mega Mind

    @Dutch…at first your comments were entertaining…but region has nothing to do with it.
    And he hasn’t sold more than Nas first week…do the research! Also in what world do YOU live in and all the other cats wh keep saying he sold more than Nas??? But in all actuality, its a testament to how dumb the younger generation is…Y’all would rather claim to have sold more records for ONE WEEK than a career artist has in 17+ yrs!? I don’t get it. To date…Nas has sold about 15mil solo albums and you can double that number based on his features & guest appearances! Please believe when they say an artist has sold X amount of units they are including ALL their vocal performances and appearances.

    I actually have MAD respect for 2Chainz because he reinvented himself…Best of luck and continued success to him

  • Repect

    ***CROMER BEATS*** <——So So True,,Young Foo's Don't Get It


    @DUTCH “Sick of u niggas with these weak ass opinions”——-> I AGREE!!!

    Ironically…….you followed that exact quote (your quote) with a biased “Weak ass opinion”. Do your self a favor and drink a warm cup of bleach, a side of crushed glass, and a dash of “fuck off”. It’s better for all of us that way. Tampon…

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  • Zoe

    Looks like Jeezy is getting the #1 spot for MTV hottest MC in the game


    @***CROMER BEATS*** You hit that shit right on the head bro!!!!!

    On another note, was gonna rip you about your long ass signature all the time! Then I listened to your beats…My nigga. You are going to blow up soon bruh. Your shit sound diff for some reason. Good shit.

  • Detroit playa parlaya

    145,809 is a LOT of weak ass niggas!! They are just everywhere nowadays lol!! You cant escape em.

  • Chino

    Haha truuuuuu i got that deluxe version in the car right now 2 chainzzzzzzzz congrats

  • Black Shady

    lol stop it…its still a flop.
    200k+ fw ….I consider it a success in this climate.
    between 150-200k….its cool
    under 140 for a rapper who’s everywhere…..A FLOP

  • The4Kings


  • Ummah_es_Salaam

    this just goes to show that the majority of ppl that r actually financially contributing/supporting hip hop just wanna have fun and that the country is predominately on the south’s dick after the generation before the last generation was trying to discredit our region ie that source awards where outkast won for best something and even tho the bronx is where it started Atlanta doing bigger things musically than NY, they supporting their artists at least

  • Le le

    Fuck you Zoomzoom u piece of shit every post u make u hate on Ross GET A LIFE!!!!!

  • Ummah_es_Salaam

    and Nas my nigga one of the g.o.a.t.’s but its new times the folks who would probably normally support Nas is dealing with the penal system, got kids, supporting families, dealing with this economy and is like fuck buyin a album right now if a nigga cant get it for free or of bootleg from the dvd man on damn near every corner in my city then they aint getting that bitch n would rather put it towards some weed, drink, or gas. plus Nas’ album was all over the internet a week or more before it officially dropped

  • Ummah_es_Salaam

    I bought life is good but life really aint sweet for alot of ppl. mafuckas trynta survive n I guess would rather hear about shit that is a distraction from the bullshit and or Ignorance is bliss

  • nick riveria



  • Zagga

    To the dude that said this is trash numbers cuz Drake did 600K+, you niggaz need to realize this: Nowadays only dudes that will sell 400K+ first week is Em, Jay, Weezy, Drake, and Yeezy. Nobody else will get those numbers, no matter how good they are, not even Nas. Ross & Jeezy are good for 200K+, but they wont sell as much as those 5.

    Also, think about this: 2 Chainz appeals to hood niggaz, Drake appeals to women. Who’s more likely to cop an album?

  • JustMyOpinion

    I SEE Labels STILL buying records.

  • HB

    the Dutch dude does speak some truth, but yeah he sounds alittle too angry to be taken seriously, but anyway, this is a good accomplishment for the guy who used to be ludacris’ background (rapper) by the name of tity boi, so congrates 2 chainz, and just think next month he’ll also probably be on the Cruel summer ‘ album so he’s in a good place in his career now,

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Wait who the fuck spent there money on this garbage? Niggas don’t no shit about numbers I honestly thought this nigga wasn’t gonna sell over 100K. Niggas gotta remember this is not 1999 its rare to find niggas who actully by album any more. 140K is like 340K so its pretty decent. If it was 1999 Drake would of sold well over 1 Million copies first week. Drake is the only nigga really doing numbers out here him and Wayne weak ass but Wayne’s numbers be sketchy

  • IM730

    I dont care who 2chainz appeals to or who you think the top 5 that only sell records are.. You basically proved my point. He is not in the top five that can sell records cause he’s not that good. There are people in rap TODAY that can still sell big numbers and he didnt. Thats not my opinion thats actually fact. Numbers dont lie. Do i hate him? no. Do i think that its great for him that on his solo debut album he sold 140k? Yes. But dont be come around saying that he had a great first week when I’ve actually see what a great first week really looks like. And I actually think he’s gonna get better and be around for a while. Between his live shows energy. Dude is basically surrounded by some of the best. He can only learn from them and get better.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Le le. Jeezy voice: Nigga you talkin with emotion you emotional.

  • IM730

    @zoom alot of these nigga come to the comment section to pour their hearts out like they know these people personally.

  • Damn.. but still 2 CHAINZZZZ!!!!!

  • Cole

    J. Cole debut did 200k+ 1st week w/o a hit single *shrugs*

  • Kunta Kente

    EVERY rapper that signed to Def Jam with no joint venture sells at least 100K and has the #1 album because the label buys them. Then the second week the number falls way the fuck off… I’m sorry this is a FLOP! This nigga had a pretty big buzz he had heavy promotion and been everywhere since Febuary.

  • Realrecognise

    Ima fuck my bitch in the butt tonite

  • Zagga

    @IM730 nigga, Rick Ross is the best rapper alive right now and GFID was by far the album of the year so far, and that yet it still only did 215K first week.

    it doesn’t matter how good you are, if you aren’t well-known, your album won’t be bought. “There are people in rap TODAY that can still sell big numbers” Drake, Weezy, Em, Jay, Yeezy those are prolly the 5 biggest names in rap, as in EVERYBODY (whether you listen to rap or not) knows, they’re the only ones that will sell more than 400K first week.

    I’m sure you’re one of the niggaz that likes Slaughterhouse and they can spit and w/e, I promise you they’ll be lucky to do 100K first week.

    “Numbers dont lie.” yea, but times have changed. Ja Rule did 300K back in the day, his ass wouldn’t do 100K today. 2 Chainz would do at least 350K if this came out in like 05, sales are down period. there was a time niggaz would go platinum (or close to it) first week, thats just not the case anymore, the highest selling albums take a little less than a month now to go gold.

  • IM730

    @zagga that is your opinon. I dont think Ross is even close to being the best rapper alive, so to me it makes sense why his album sold 200k. Still your top five list means nothing to me. Repeating that isnt gonna change that. Like i said im far from being drakes number one fan but hes a perfect example. He sold how many his first album? He had a hot mixtape then pushed a album out and he did numbers. 2chainz been rapping since 1997. Dude had PLENTY of time to do the mixtape thing and release an album. He’s just not that good. And thats why i think his numbers suck. Period. My point is rappers can still do numbers if they have quality work. You give me that top five list like they are given special privileges or some shit. They grind and put in work and they sell albums because they are good. Doesnt mean the next guy cant get added to that list. They just have to be good enough. And also nigga i havent even really listened to slaughter house so how they do first week means nothing to me. I did get the mixtape just havent listened.

  • PEEP

    if u bought this album, or any other major label released album in the past few years, u are a sheep.

  • Teflon lucci

    Hey my brother got hits!! This brotha came along way, since his Deep throat professionals(dtp) days!

  • dll32

    how the fuck is this possible ?!

  • onenutned

    congrats titty! first album out and this nigga put up them type numbers is to be appluaded. Future lost.

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  • Luminous Story

    Ross delivered a bad album. At least this shit was funny and not dull. Ross needs to step up his game.

  • Showboat

    Did 2 chainz outsell Nas first week???? REALLY???? man i’m done with rap

  • kayandgee

    ross album was dope i think musically its the best this year and it wont be beaten, he just has too much material, i think the second best album/mixtape is richforever, actually i think thats the best of the year! big up to tity boi tho

  • kayandgee

    @zagga 100% truu its only those 5 even with weak projects they still sell, theyve crossed over to the other side, theyre more ‘pop’

  • ablacktv

    he worked hard. good job 2chainz…he’s 35+…can’t beat these #s…its a reinvented rappers dream


    Eminem has been in the game abt 13 yrs not 20 fucouttahere. and Ross album is sonically superior to “the album in question”.Region has everything to do with it.East Coast been losin for 10 summers minus Jay. and have notoriously hated on music from the south since Outkast.So why would any review matter from somebody who probably doesnt understand that type of music anyway.

  • Brendon

    If 2 Chainz outsells Slaughterhouse it will be a sad day in Hip Hop

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  • ASDF

    Two chains is not a good rapper but, gets me hype.

  • de_amero_rothschild

    thing is, i got most of his songs on his album already i guess these guys dont make good b sides if u make 30-40 songs for ur album u should have 20 songs to make 2 mxcds along wit the option of rappin over other artists instrumentals for songs i wouldnt leak no songs off what album im putting n best buy when u can go online an download the only 1s u like off of a free mxcd on a website y would u buy it @ walmart