• Keith

    Kanye could be the new Simon Cowell. He always keeps it one hundred (case in point, the Taylor Swift thing).

    However, I think doing American Idol is below Kanye. He needs to just stay in the studio and keep making masterpieces.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    American Idol has fallen off. They had a good run.

  • Cruel Thing

    @Keith Amen

  • Loaded

    Kanye aint gon do no fucking american idol. he don’t even do interviews anymore lmao

    I’m surprised Nicki is doing it. these competition shows are for washed up singers. its going to mess up her career.

  • IM730

    I doubt he’ll actually do the show. Could you imagine tho? some people are STILL bitter about the “imma let you finish” bullshit.

  • Nas is GOAT

    that bitch doesn’t have a career she has a job….now Queen Latifah has a CAREER

  • Dr. Doctor

    Kanye could actually make the show watchable again. He would fit right in.

  • CaliSteppin

    I’m sorry contestant but the contestant before you had one of the greatest performances of all time *Kanye shrug*

  • M.T

    who still watches American Idol though?

  • Musikal

    America Idol still ain’t been cancelled.

  • If American Idol can pull this off, I’m def watching a few episodes, cuz this is a BEAST panel

  • Kunta Kente

    An all black panel on a fox network show and Ryan Secrest as host? Smh… Thats fucking stupid Nicki and Kanye are entertaing but isn’t this a singing show? Ye did a whole album using auto-tune how he gonna tell someone they can sing. And how is Nicki gonna judge when she lip sings at her live shows.

  • Jaymalls


    Co-Sign… Why would dude travel city to city, 5 days a week, for almost a year and waste his time judging niggas??? Dude make American Idol money just off residuals alone. Judging is just for has beens like Jenifor Lopez, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Kelly Rowland, Steven Tyler, etc.

  • Midsize Jerm

    It’s been so long since Fake became Real that the further an artist sells out in the game the more ‘achievements’ they have to be lauded. Nicki is getting rewarded without judgement for her talents, and instead her ‘accomplishments’ and brand recognition. No one knows if she has good taste in music, but it don’t think was really a factor. You would think America would want knowledge critics to lead the search for Americas new great singers, but they too have accepted the Fake is the new Real, embraced it, and ran with it, creating only more and more nonsense as these choices are encouraged and eaten up by fans who accept subpar music. We need to demand more artistic integrity.

    These are all topics I touch upon in the satire that is my new mixtape, a reflection of the state of music and it’s impact on society today.
    http://bkjames.bandcamp.com/album/music4invalidz NewFreeNow!
    1) Obscured By Clouds
    2) White Jesus
    3) Let There Be Light
    4) trueh00d0peraz
    5) music4invalidz
    6) rUfuckin’stupid?(TheRightThingisWrong)
    7) Valentine
    8) Her (Interlude)
    9) Please Don’t Be Yourself
    10) Slipaway

  • Donn

    IF u don’t know anything or keep up with TV ratings, don’t speak on it, American Idol was one of the top watched programs of last year, and racks in over 15 million viewers a night, so relax. I don’t fuck with the show but I stay up on numbers.

    As far as Kanye on the panel, lets not fool ourselves, Kanye would never lower himself to that bullshit, Nicki would cus she’ll do anything for a check these days. But Kanye hell to the no

  • PEEP

    ^shut the fuck up you homo.

  • don’t do it ‘Ye

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  • I agree with Midsize Jerm about the artist integrity. You’ll know some if you see some.

  • Carlito

    it would be mad entertaining but as a die hard kanye fan, i don’t want him doing this bullshit. it’s bad enough he let kim turn him into a media whore, but this would be too much to handle.

  • KDG
  • KDG

    whey dem pants come from?

  • Lifesquad

  • Deborah

    I like how the people American Idol choose to judge their ridiculus show are the people who can’t sing!
    Kanye is a rapper! Nicki Mnaj has never made a decent song in her life!

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