New LP: Busta Rhymes Year Of The Dragon

While we wait for his Cash Money debut, Busta partners with Google Play to unleash his digital album. Guests include Trey Songz, Rozay, Gucci, Lil Wayne, Cam’Ron and more. Viva free music!

Download here

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  • Double u-Tee-Eff

    New Slaughter single out ft Eminem Throw That

  • MJ

    ^^^does em have a verse on that or is it just a chorus

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Lmao it’s free & i still won’t download, how times have changed

  • D.E.S

    Why is yall hating have you forgotten what the man is capable of. Oh I get it now just because he is with the YMCMB family now, yall no longer support him. Come on now lets stop hating appreciate Good Music. Its for free for that matter

  • Angelo

    @ Your mothers friend… you ain’t neva lie! was just thinking back to early 2000’s when we had dope music every day & every week. Since 06-07 I probably make a mix once every couple of months if that. It takes awhile to compile dope music now

  • The_Man

    I gave it a listen not expecting much and it was even worse than i thought it would be

  • JD

    this shit is so fuckin official ..Pressure feat. Wayne is pure FIREEE this tape goes hard

  • gammaboi

    Busta fucked up with using Google Play for distribution – this shit’s unavailable in all or most of Europe :/

  • Kali

    this shit bangs,had to get it through other means.Fuck google play

  • IIG

    I’m ashamed to say I probably won’t download it either, but major props go to Busta for this move. That’s real love for the fans.

  • bry from boston

    @ angelo… I 10000000000000% agree

  • LO

    damn busta this whats it comes to giving out free music

  • Zagga

    that Rozay feature fireee

  • youngtex

    @LO stop acting like you would have went and supported the man if it wasn’t free!! I’m not going to lie…only folks I support are those I trust & have solid track records (i.e Nas, Jay, 2Pac, Scarface, Z-Ro, T.I). Other then that most these dudes ain’t even worth a blank disc!!!

  • Pervert

    I throw this dick at you girl

  • [mellowYELLOW]

    So because its “Free” i have to download it???? PASS!!!!!!

  • Is this not his Cash Money debut? I must be the only one who can see the logo on the back cover art.

  • bunch of haters

    wow so much hate at every busta ryhmes post. come on guys…. this is probably the best thing bustas put out in a while it actually really good and its free! stop your bitchin fact is this is better than kiss the ring and yes i listened to them both and busta wins all day especially for originality.

  • dee Black

    Thats whats up Busta. Instead of bitchin about how the game is all fucked up, you put out a free CD.
    Now get on the road and get that money son! If you come to the Bay Area, and I don’t have to work nigga i’m in there ya heard me.

  • Devante

    Damn Busta went from platinum albums to free albums on blog sites


    Yes this is decent, but fuck… You guys are sloooooowwwwww on the new slaughterhouse drop… “Throw That” ft EM. Get with ittttt or ill throw this dick on you girl

  • Last Nite We Blew an Oz

    Soundboy feat. Cam’ron>>>>>>

  • Drock

    this nicca is so wack now I can’t even…

  • Childish Gambino FTW

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