• The Guy

    wack as fuck

  • fireinthehole

    man dunno how these guys get on… much better with this.. http://youtu.be/IvZvgDD7JxM

  • LO

    wack juice

  • Nijea

    These lil ashy dirty delinquents are fucking terrible. Out of all artist these niggas get a deal. Feel sorry for the sucka who has to A&R his project.

  • bruh man

    Fuck the feds…but you use an american flag on the artwork?
    Yeah ok…

  • Speechless [& Not The Good One]

  • 4eVaFADE

    That looks like some ASAP Rocky type cover

  • Angelo

    Wack as shit..but I expect that from DC rap

  • Scrilla


  • HollyWood

    This shit bangs

  • shane

    who the fuck actually enjoys listening to this fool

  • Tone

    Keef actually flows on this shit. And Trel always gonna go hard. I actually fuck with it.

  • Detroit playa parlaya

    If that weak ass nigga above me really believe that Queef can flow,he need to kill hisself.This shit is garbage and my man Luger startin to fall off on them beats.

  • firiesport8

    Unbelievably wack!

  • changeclothz

    [email protected] bang in chief keef’s voice hahahaha

  • Something I like about the track and repetitive music is that it keep the market limited, so that people that can actually be a commercial success are not marginalized by music like this. Yet, radar, posting garbage, does stagnate their image.