New Video: Guy Sebastian x Lupe Fiasco “Battle Scars”

Guy Sebastian’s duet with Lupe Fiasco has gone number one in Australia. And due to its success, Lupe says the song will now serve as the next single for

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  • HAQ

    Lupe looks drugged up

  • gammaboi

    Just when I wanted to give Lupe props for returning to his roots with Lamborghini Angels he picks this Lasers type bullshit as a single.

  • jesus

    @ Big Homie u mad fucking late step your game up fag

  • Kat

    This is one great song! What a clever collaboration – got it on repeat in my head now.

  • RickHartley

    Yeah this song shot up the charts. Lupe’s rhymes n rap are perfect and Guy’s a great musician and singer. Listen first, before shooting your mouth off. One of THE best for the year

  • jobie

    why would he not put a great song that happens to be a great hit on his album. I’m impressed by Lupe. I really feel he tries to be as least mainstream as possible almost on purpose. Look at Food & Liquor 1. Lot of poppy sounding records and nobody had a problem with that

  • yomama

    lupe looks like a black bruce lee lol

  • Yung Blood

    Bout time Guy Sebastian gets to be played in America!!!

  • Brahsef

    Terrible. More emo rapping shit. I’m surprised Alex da Kid didn’t produce it, sounds right up his alley.

    If you’re a dude and co-signin this just kill yourself, seriously.

    @Rick Hartley, no song on F&L sounded like it was tryin this hard to be a number one hit. Cliche Recovery wannabe beat + cliche oversinging r&b dude + dumbed down Lupe rhymes = straight trash.

    This is a song for 14 year old girls who think high school lifes tough. No one else should listen to this.

  • mac DIESEL



  • shane

    i love lupe but his rhymes really did nothing for me in this song. chorus was absolutely fantastic tho

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    I am an avid Lupe supporter, and this song is good. But I’m tired of him jumping on these unoriginal tracks. His words are meaningful yes. But at the end of the day I comes across as yet another mainstream song. Guess he gotta get that bread too. I still got faith in Food and Liquor 2 tho.

  • Oz

    im from australia and i’ll tell you lupe is prob the biggest rapper here he sells shit out everytime anywhere his constantly on radio and they dont even play alot of hip hop from the states. he is easily more popular than jay-z here, jay had a show here opening for u2 and no one knew his shit besides the first 4 row, everyone knows all of lupes shit even the crackers

  • Fuck A Kangaroo

    … apparently Australian music blows. And so does Lupe lately.

    Food and Liquor 2? Name a track that you would take off of FNL1 and replace with this garbage.

  • Alec

    That is definitely not true Oz, I’m from Australia as well and Jay Z is still 10x more popular than Lupe. The reason people wouldn’t know Jay Z’s shit when they go to a U2 concert is because U2 fans aren’t generally hip hop fans.

    Song is shit by the way.

  • Oz

    @Fuck A Kangaroo says:
    Tuesday, August 21 2012 at 6:46 PM EST

  • Oz

    shut up Alec people only know jay-z from tabloid shit and as a name as far as music wise the general public are (im generalising here) are more farmiliar with lupes MUSIC than jay-z they are more familiar with JAY-Z the name iv been to jay-z concerts as well when he came down with rihanna he didn’t fill up a small stadium it was packed but not filled and key songs when the crowd is supposed to say the words there 90% of the time no one knew words to key songs iv also been to atleast 8 lupe shows from big day out to smaller shows the crowd reacts the way a crowd would to jay-z at a madison square show, yes the song is shit guy sebastians part anyway but its a good look- shout out to iggay azalea sucks but shes Oz

  • Cruel Thing

    Lupe and this singer fit together well, it’s a deep song. I can’t wait for F&L2

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  • Fiasco

    That Gotye song sucks too. Not as much as this, but if this, that and Iggy Azealia are the best you’ve got, then maybe Australia really does have shitty taste in music. Especially if they actually do fuck with Lupe more than Jay Z.

    PS- American artists go #1 on Billboard literally every single day.