Diddy IBIZA Trailer

After bringing hip-hop to St. Tropez, Puff is shedding light on Mediterranean hot spot, Ibiza in his new documentary. The film will be released in its entirety this Fall as part of his Revolt cable network.

“I started coming to Ibiza like 15 years ago, it changed my life.” says the nightlife impresario while adorning himself in Sean John. Check out the immaculate views and pristine atmosphere of the mediterranean island as Diddy and friends pop bottles of Ciroc, invade DJ booths and takeover the nightlife and Summer parties Ibiza is known for.

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  • IamRealTalk


  • 74×74

    Jet life, gotta love it. Strange thing though they chose jay’s song to soundtrack this promo.

  • ibiza is old news yall.. cmon son.. they mostley play disco and dance music in these clubs wearing tight suits and pants.. cmon son.. this is wack documentary … u can do much better diddy this is how ur settin off revolt… with disco films…. ahahahahhhaaaahahaa

  • j

    Exactly. If you think Ibiza (Ibeefa as the Brits say) is new or exciting, then you should be ashamed. Ibiza was going off years ago and in the past 5 years it went downhill. I never forget how people feared Puffy was going to put his name all over house/techno when he started showing up @ WMC & getting in the booth & making a spectacle when Deep Dish or Felix The Housecat. Puffy is a great marketer, but talking about something new. Thank you.

  • ThirdParty


    CMONSON! seems to me that Sean is trying to ride the EDM wave and use it as another shameless plug for this movie, himself, Ciroc, etc…

    Ibiza is a place that is built upon the dance music scene, thats the way it it is, and that’ll likely continue to be the way it will be. For anyone familiar with the scene and the culture there, this “movie” about Ibiza coming from a hip hop mogul seems slightly out of place…sort of like a westerner making a video about liberating child soldiers and catching a war criminal in Africa from a famous campaign that shall remain nameless.

    so what? you’ve visited Ibiza a few times in the last 15 years, does that suddenly make you a cultural ambassador to a part of the world you dont live in, and a scene you come in and out of?