I wanted to get hype to 40 water..wack juice

  • Clos1881

    I love that dude the epitome of swag

  • realwickwickwack

    whaaaaaaaat he

  • iNeed

    iNeed… that snapback homie. and FUCK mtn view!!! gang injunction is a mutherfucker out here mane

  • WTF Is Lil Wayne Wearing

    e 40 got a big motherphukin head. Look at the snapssssss goddamn!

  • Brandon

    It’s crazy, but nobody mentioned how sexy his wife is ..damn!

  • oakland73rd

    fuck mountain view bunch rich uppity faggot ass bitches they probably think niggas from Oakland and Vallejo was going to be there cuz of them but guess what NIGGAS IS STILL GOING HAVE YOU SEEN THE LINE UP SHIT I WILL BE THERE HAHA

  • E-40 craccin that nigga a Real West Side OG 3etter Know It