Lil Wayne Dedication 4 Release Date

Initially slated to be released last week, Lil Wayne and DJ Drama are finally ready to release their fourth installment of their Dedication series next Thursday. Hopefully, it’ll be worth the wait.

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  • Boogity Woogity Nigga

    And i will wait for the review from you idiots in the comment section before i check it out.

  • Gambino


  • JustMyOpinion

    a pushed back MIXTAPE. SMH rap’s downfall.

  • Midsize Jerm

    Why you gotta keep pushing that shit back? Probably didn’t have enough tracks. You’d think it’d be easy to hit that release date with the spur-of-the-moment bullshit Wayne’s been on lately. You’d think he wouldn’t keep his fans who have watched him drop from good to bad in a few month and stood by him waiting. You’d think he’d be all “Bed Over Bread’, but nah son fronts.

    While you’re waiting for that hot garbage, check out this much superior shit here:

  • Zagga



    Weak ass niggas rejoice.Your savior is comin’.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    A waste of recording time.

  • Youknowiknow

    This guy is gonna bleach is skin like vybz cartel

  • Why So Serious

    Lil Wayne fell off after “No ceillings”

  • MMG

    The hate for Lil Wayne confirm he is doing something right… Whatever it is.. He knows how to keep his name hot!

  • ayyeee

    ^^”keep his name hot” please! that nigga haven’t been hot since no ceilings.

  • SinatraAtTheOpera


  • Fukfit

    this is gona be so trash

  • Black Shady

    how is he “doing something right” when all his latest shit been wack?

  • MMG

    ^^ that’s exactly what I’m saying.. He is making trash music but they better artist nobody even click on their post.. but still people talk about Lil Wayne.. Which is what it all boils down to.. Being relevant!

  • crysis

    hot garbage i can smell it all ready.

  • [mellowYELLOW]

    Anybody can be relevant!!! Martin Luther King Jr is relevant every January. Just because wayne name is in his faggit fans mouths everyday dont make him hot, he’s wack point blank get over it. And that cover dosent make his case for best rapper alive and what in thee blue fuck is a trukfit?

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    ^ lol “thee blue fuck”

  • Anon DCPL

    is that a rendition of a mutated dog on the cover?

  • Blaxdon

    No tri-state area love off the strength though


    Not gonna top the SlaughterHouse mixtape, that is probably why it was pushed back.


    OMG!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!

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  • My New trx blueprint Performs Even When You Fall asleep :).

  • Daee

    The Cover, bruh. Smh.. Why is wayne such a poser now ? I mean, he’s been a poser.. When The Game came out, all of a sudden Wayne was a blood & suwoop this & suwoop that.. When the Rockstar era came, he all of a suddens started playing a guitar and wanted to do rock songs..and now that Odd Future (who’s known too skate & kinda ushered skateboarding back into hiphop or whatever) This nigga Wayne wants too fucking be Stevie Williams… its like at some point, someone has too call him out on his shit.. Rich or not, This nigga is a poser and makes everything that he’s apart of Weak As Fuck.

  • MMG

    @mellowYELLOW… are you implying that Martin Luther King is not relevant?.. you are an idiot and one dumb nigga. That whole statement even validate Lil Wayne’s relevances… his mixtape cover alone made a headline… when was the last time you saw that?

  • [mellowYELLOW]

    @MMG dumbass uf you can comprehend well you would understand that relevance means basically being talked about at a certain point in time. So my Dr. King analogy was to prove that people only talk about mlk in jan which is true. You are the dumbass for not using your brain to get that because it seems like you are the only one who didnt. So before you find yourself tryna make an argument understand what people are tryna say before you get offended and defend a poser like lil wayne, notice you are like the only one up here on his dick so shut thee fuck up.

  • this that sjit i dont like

  • stfu

    wayne stay winning.

  • shut the fuck up, Y’all niggas weak, This Dedikation 4 is Gonna be the shit !!! Ymcmb!!


    weak ass nigga today is thursday in da shit ain drop ye. wea its at

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