• KDG
  • Black Shady



    for serious, no verse? man, i was gonna push the play button and everything.

  • ayyeee

    Rita is like Rihanna but with talent. Dope song tho!

  • JHP

    What’s the point of getting J. Cole as a feature if he’s not even gonna spit a real verse? I can’t stand that shit, I guess they just do it so more people will actually listen to the song. It’s a good song and everything, but I can’t stand those falsely advertised features

  • Mr.November

    She can give me oraL, B.
    She got that Shakira swag, just not as much lol

  • Scrilla

    She will never be sucessful like Rih Rih
    And Diggy ended J. cole’s career!!!

  • Midsize Jerm
  • M.T

    this is a good song.. Rita can really sing. Cole was dope on the hook too. New Cole Project coming soon!

  • Yoo

    Scrilla, I know you are trying to troll…now, who’s diggy again??

  • St810

    So a pop singer gets a rapper to do a hook. Who does that?

  • OOPH

    Did Cole produce this?

  • She sounds dope ima keep an ear out. Hit me FOR BEATS @OnemanBeats Twitter

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  • My New-found trx method Work Even If You Go to bed!.

  • Vee


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