• Commenting Carl

    My nigga Nas gave a free show at the Masonic temple last night.

  • Boogity Woogity Nigga

    Haha YN with his RTDICKRIDING is on another level. nigga rt what niggas rt and then rt it again then nigga rt it again and nigga rt’s that. haha

  • east

    album is a 9… would have been a 10 but this track is garbage…but 17 out of 18 tracks is a dam good album…. *classic*

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ east this is a sick record. You bugging. Only thing wrong about this record; it should have been a Summer release. Should have came out around May.

  • Black Shady

    nigga name a record “summer on smash” and niggas call it a smash for the summer LOL

    nah…the song is average

  • R

    This album is his worst out of all his shit beats are trash and he tried to mix 100 styles on 18 songs! MArketing is barely saving his ass with this garbage.

  • toronto

    some poor lip-syncing from Miguel