• he can’t come up with another name? especially since his album got hit with the redlight. A singer would have made the hook much sharper lines could have been stronger especially being that he is tryna let the listener into his world — he got the ace hood/2 chainz flow with this track… feeling this song though. best of luck with the rest of ur music career.

  • Fuck em

    You considering you went here to comment on his Music.

  • The_Man

    He really needs to give up on music and do something else

  • M.T

    “As far as the status of the album Underrated, that hasn

  • This song is hard
    It mind boggles me how u guys still find ways to hate on him
    Hes grown alot as a artist
    If the song was exactly the same with meek spirtting yall wouldve said this was the greatest

  • jfraz1992

    real shit i fux with the song

  • supa

    Homie gotta 2pac feel to him “Life’s A Bitch” DopeMuzik yo ———->http://soundcloud.com/supamuzik/lifes-a-bitch

  • Black Shady

    LOL poor bow wow. his lil bow wow music was way better hahaha. oh well …

  • Scrilla

    His album is the new Detox

  • Commenting Carl

    The Sad truth is like the little heroin junky from home alone he will never be taken seriously this joint is nice and Greenlight 4 was alright too with drinking to much and sell my soul… Once you are seen in a certain light people forever see you that way… Bow Wow could make the album of the year and because it’s Bow Wow people would criticize it because he looks like a kid… Even Kobe was shittin on him during the one on one game cussing at him like he was a kid and Bow Wow a grown ass man… Meek Mill hangs out with Bow Wow because they are in the same age bracket and prolly looked up to Bow Wow when he was little but Meek doesn’t get looked at like Bow Wow because he doesn’t look like a kid.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    If im Bow Wow i would be doing Movies more then music. Thats my opinion.

  • Fukfit

    underrated dropping nevruary 39 2099

  • Victor Von DOOM

    This nigga needs something to talk about,He needs to record different type of songs.All this nigga songs is “Blowing money fast and fucking stripper bitches”.

  • Commenting Carl

    @Victor Von DOOM he has different songs but they get looked over too

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Who gives a fuck when his album is dropping cuz when it does he doing 21K first week and thats being nice.

  • Commenting Carl

    I meant

  • young pledge

    i like this shit real talk

  • hi

  • wack, ymcmb is overrrrrrrrr doneeeeeeeee

  • need new topics just like Vic said

  • Kunta Kente

    Drake wore that same exact shirt at his S.O.B show in 2009

  • nemo kush

    stop hatin this shit go hard

  • R

    Bow Wow took in the ass by Ocean thats some Homo Shit you faggots!

  • spirit of death is upon him now

    “I bet if you love me if i’m fade to black……….. (@bowwow)

    And you absolutely right. Right now God’s Wrath is upon you now………… You don’t need no microchip mind friend. You are the Beast. May The Lord help your poor Soul. Peace..

  • spirit of death is upon him now

    Sorry, typo. met to say my friend….. Anyhow, May the Lord help your poor Soul. Right now my friend, you finished. You are about to be X out…. Your Fans just about had it with your B.S. (forgive me Lord) Baby mama don’t want you no more, Your mother hated your guts, Baby Mama’s sister call you a deadbeat, Birdman don’t give a heck about you along with their crew. Even your intoxicated Dad diss you. I have tried to tell you to get with Jesus. You don’t even want Jesus… SAD…. I washed my hands trying to reach you right now my friend. Get ready for THE SPIRIT OF DEATH. It’s coming brother. It’s coming. Keep doing what you do. What you sow and doing wicked things on earth. You going to weep in HELL. I’m out. Once again, May the Lord help your poor Soul. I’m done.

  • Dick Sewbig

    Ghetto Girls was my shit doe…

  • Hell Bodin

    I can’t even front. That track was ill, it sounded so old school and real chill. I fuck with Bow Wow.