• Your Moms God

    Did Game pass the verse through the phone? Kanye West is proud.

  • Nelson


  • beezy

    this shit insane!!

  • mac9

    damn game got one

  • Q tip

    this is fuckin dope cant lie…..

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    wack !

  • k dot


  • bunch of haters

    im a huge game fan. first off but i dont know bout this one mmight take a few listens….Its Just Different haha

  • JayNyceLifeTv

    I fux with the beat game is ight

  • KTT

    This is what game needs, switch the style up

  • big steve

    he goes in on a kanye flow to start this off

  • Schoolboy

    Game underrated don’t care wha no one say


    R.I.P. Game.This shit here is pop music.Weak niggas are just everywhere doin everything now.You cant escape em.

  • joebabymama

    This is weak. can’t believe this the same nigga on westside story.

  • the ghastly face


  • broski

    kanye west shit should had kanye on this one

  • game is on