• Midsize Jerm

    E-40 does some good work but he’s always hurting himself with whack features. For example, his song with Kendrick Lamar, “Catch a Fade’ is a dope song, but there’s a verse from some dude Droop E right in the middle that steals a lot of replay-ability, taking a great song and making just an OK song…same thing with this remix…drop the last two names from the feature list and the song becomes a lot better, even though the quality of 40 and Jeezy’s verse doesn’t change.

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  • calio

    Droop-e is 40’s son and so/so producer, sub par rapper. he’s made a few decent slaps.

  • dee

    aye jeezy 10 weak features in a month smh

  • 74×74

    40 just keeps making the yay proud. I know i know yal got this and that to say but the dude carved his own lane and 15 years later still here w/ the new generation getting money.

  • frankyg

    did anyone notice jeezy’s glasses..smh

  • J-Smoke – Killed you when I lit it.

    WTF!? no IAMSU! feature? ..some bullshit…

  • jeezy going hard

  • Chan

    This is why 40 is my favorite rapper. He absolutely murdered everyone on this track. Chris Brown did too. For the person who said Jeezy went hard, naw man. Jeezy is a has been. JEezy was tight on the underground. Back when he had Come Shop Wit Me, Trap or Die, and all the other underground mixtapes. Mainstream Jeezy sucks. 40 has kept it real for years. First album Federal was a classic and he just continued to get better all the way until the block brochure. Not to mention last years Revenue Retrievin was arguably the best album/albums of the year. You also can’t forget about The Click shit. Sorry for ramblin but 40 water is that dude and Im just giving respect to an OG in the game.

  • jeezy

    Chan…u madddd…..itstheworld!!!!!!

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Chan preach E-40 is the truth


    Shitd be tighter without montana and chris brown weak ass on there.I can believe these squares got fans.

  • he pose to put droop E on a song… im quite sure u would have done the same thing if it was ur child!