Unreleased Music: Common “No Sell Out”

No I.D. and Com sure make good music together. Today, the producer treated the Internet with an unreleased record. Dope, but sounds like Com phoned the vocals in.

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  • Midsize Jerm

    Com’s verse was decent at best, just underwhelming, but that beat really is some JollyDopeShit so I’m not mad Com doesn’t hop on it for a minute.


  • Petro3

    Jurassic 5 killed that beat back in 98 and made a classic. Why would anyone touch that?


    yeah, this is a classic J5 beat from way back


    And lol, drake aint kill no one’s career. drake is a pop star, dude is making music with justin bieber. drake isn’t allowed in real hip hop, dude is a fake.

  • Doug Heffernan

    ^Stupid nigga….

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    doug cmon now, drake is pop music. anyone with ears knows it. he is a packaged pop star like backstreet boys. he is just the right amount of white, just the right amount of pussy, just the right amount of mainstream appeal. dude doesn’t have lyrics or any depth, he is just a packaged pop product.

    you need to have your ears checked ifyou think otherwise, you might be deaf or retarded

  • realwickwickwack

    art of story telling … dope

  • Prince

    What’s wrong with bieber ? people just need a reason to hate on successful people and there’s no way common’s career finished people just want to live carefree so they listening to music with no real meaning like ymcmb


    nothing is wrong with pop music, bieber or drake. the only problem is when people confuse pop music with hip hop. have a good time, enjoy yourself. but hip hop has standards and i’m not gonna just let people act like shitty pop music is allowed in hip hop. hip hop is a private club, pop music is the public restroom.

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  • Drizzy

    Yall are anti drake fans because just like he said “I don’t make music for niggaZ who don’t get pussy so those are the ones I count on to diss me or overlook me” SO TELL ME HE DOESN’T HAVE LYRICS YOU FAGGOT. Keep dicking ppl like common who Isn’t even a has been. He’s a never was. So stfu bout drake cause you clearly want hip hop to stay grimy and you mad that his bread gets him Aston martins and your bread is dipped in soup at Panera. Haaaaa I’m out tho


    haha, ^^ this dude makes assumptions about people because he knows i’m right. keep making up fake shit, just like drake does. drakes fans are fake just like him. i don’t want hip hop to be grimey, i want it to be based on talent, and not marketing gimmicks selling pop music to tweens.

    sorry if you are a tween and don’t have any taste in music. keep riding that dick tho, you definitely are a groupie.

  • Nickey Negrito

    I like the message in Com, but i’m not particularly satisfied with the beat. It reminds me of that RZA beat made for Gza. I forget the name.

  • Drizzy

    Stink meaner have your strap on ready for the next time common puts out something new. You could be waiting a while tho..and I’m the opposite of a dick rider my argument was about dick riders ppl just use every link on this site to write “fuck drake” so what does that mean??? Means a nigga made it. And nobody know who the fuck you are cause u a nobody? How does that soud


    haha, ^^ this dude is seriously offended. keep getting your feelings hurt buddy, and keep washing it down with shitty music. you are a child, and you listen to children’s music., you have no fucking argument. enjoy growing up and realizing i am right.

  • me

    but sounds like Com phoned the vocals in??? are you serious,,,it was a story,,,,what did u want? some lil weezy “life is a bitch like blah blah blah metaphors?,,,IT WAS A STORY!! and a story that a lot of us weed smokers can relate too

  • Keish

    Phone vocals or not, it’s still kinda nice!

  • t

    this is wack hear them laughing at you in the beat and they phoned it in …. yall kissing their ass for nothing

  • t

    all they do is celebrate and make wack tracks for you people that think he’s good for rhyming girl and world like it hasnt been done before