• such an original titel so inspiring wow hip hop keeps increasing

  • Mike

    O shit GDK? Thought he was dead or in the Feds. free spad-o


    HIV positive

  • emdee

    Gillie I’m the king of Philly, yes!


    slow weekend eh

  • M.T


  • Mike smiff

    He’s a better ghost writer..

  • This old 40 year old need some new content…damn bruh, this all you got…where is the REAL content….

  • he came back to drop this??

  • Throne

    Oh shit Gille Da Kid lol thats random as fuck

  • mmg

    coonery at it’s worst

  • AG 3000

    The Glow worm doll is still rapping, WTF, hahaha!

  • Scrilla

    “I don’t got time to deal with Wille Then Squid”

  • Black Shady

    Gillie still around? lol probably one of the real niggas who cant make it.

  • Devante

    Damn he shoulda stay in the background ghostwriting… Those cash money checks are gone..

  • Victor Von DOOM

    @Scrilla Gillie wrote most of Wayne carter 2 shit and that’s his best album.He taught Wayne how to deliver his rhymes.

    No gillie = Wayne becoming the shitty rapper we here today.

  • Post no billz

    @scrilla that freestyle was so cold.. killed it

  • Victor Von DOOM

    *I meant to put hear

  • MOneybags

    @victorvondoom co sign, niggas in new orleans dont say “boy” that was philly slang at the time

  • Teflon lucci

    This nigga the chicken man is a bad actor, my nigga was on King of the avenue! Stick ta ya day job kid

  • Smh

    gille didnt write carter 2, he wrote carter 1, look it up, he never said he wrote carter 2

  • Killa_CAM

    Gillie went in.

  • jeezy

    Gillie is still hot