• Derrt

    YG fucked up the song

  • blasphemy

  • Mic Check


  • Daee

    Nipsey got bars. Like he can actually fucking rap. however, Im tired of dude droppin only one mixtape a year. Like fam, your an independent artist with a decent ass fan base. Its like bro, either get a major deal or drop more music. Because your talented as fuck and has the potential to be at the top of Hiphop right. but you only drop one tape or free album a year, in an era where even the “peoples favorite rapper” drops like 4 mixtapes and an album a year.. all Im saying is NIPSEY DROP MORE MUSIC!!! YOUR FANS WANT MORE MUSIC!!! WE WANT YOU AT THE TOP OF HIPHOP!!! PUT MORE MUSIC OUT NIGGA!!! TMC

  • it got an concept, so its better then most songs nowadays…

  • lunawestcoast