• frankyg

    DOPE !!

  • Evil

    Good to hear X again.Especially over a Dre beat! Dope song

  • The_Man

    this should be at the top but once again this site has Sticky-ed a MMG post at the top and put new posts under it

  • WTF Is Lil Wayne Wearing

    Wow this beat. Xzibit still got it.

  • 123

    there defiantly paid promotion by the lable

  • 123

    thats why i say dont listen to the blogs

  • he’s back!

  • hxxvaz

    should’ve had a hook


    Nice shit right here.All you bird ass niggas that be luvin that keef,montana,2 chain bullshit wont feel this.Kill yoselves

  • bry from boston

    Throw away detox beat.. Sounds like some”hey Young World.” it would have been great if it wasn’t just wanted wraps and had a concept.. This beat is way too nice for this. The rap was clearly written before the beat was picked. They shouldvery rode the beat and used the beat to write the track. And make the lyrics around the beat.

  • @donricoesq

    Been waiting far too long to hear Tha Liks again….cool King Tee is up on this too

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  • PistolPistol

    X n the Alcholics Hell Yesssssss!!!!!!

    Shit takes me back in the day…. Good shit Dre!!!

  • Tpesco

    This shit is double over any MGM Rick Ross bullshit, I love it. Btw Rick Ross is garbage, why do people get into him?

  • Jay Jones

    the likwit crew!!!!!!!! So coooool

  • Man that was ILL!!! Dope track by Dre, KIng T on it makes it special and Tha Liks are always entertaining! Mad props to X for this one!

  • Montalvo

    This is what raps been missing. REAL HIPHOP

  • t

    all ways deleting my comments


  • Hannibal Lecture

    Vet shit.

  • Anon DCPL

    this shit is proper, I miss the liks..they def. need to drop a new project.

    wtf is up w the end of the track tho??

  • Mike smiff

    Nice work.. Cali and the souf > ny…

  • Toni

    This shit is hard.. aint been bumpin the liks inna while man gotta dust them rekords off… hope xzibit album hits hard

  • Faded 4evaNaDay

    Thought it would be weak but Xzibit did his thing. Waiting for the album now