• MMG


  • @gtfomike

    Bad cover, A$AP Mob is trash

  • ayyeee

    Okay cover….hopefully the music will speak for it self.

  • ravens

    Cant wait !!!

  • X

    Well… At least it’s more interesting than Kanye’s Starbucks-girl cover, or Lupe’s big black box.


    Dope it’s a GIF, too bad it won’t be when i put it on iTunes

  • G_eljefe

    the cover trash , asap mob trash even asap rocky starting to get too cocky and he only has one okay hit (goldie) trashhhh

  • Donn

    Lol at Kanye Starbucks girl lol

  • dadankness

    Love the haters.. That just means ASAP been doin shit right.

    Goldie is the only hit? HAHAHAHHA

    “Trilla.” ” Everything Purple pt. 2.” “Purple kisses”(flow switch at verse 2 improves song immensely) “Pussy Money Weed” “Palace” “Pesos”

    Pretty much every song that ASAP and Clams Casino have done together is a bonafide smash.

    Just because it doesn’t resonate with the teenage girls and the guys who think that ASAP is doing the whole skinny jeans thing wrong by actually wearing designers and paying the price for the shit that Rappers aren’t even rapping about yet (Martin Margella, Sergio Tacchini(not pricey but itailian that lil niggas from the states won’t know or ever hear of)

    @G_Elefe go listen to some pop corporate rap shit like TYGA or Kreayshawn because that is the shit your obviously into. Shit that will get plays in the club and shit that the girls will like and you will be forced to like instead of having your own opinion.. Fag.

    I hate people who don’t make their own opinions or form the the wrong opinions just because they want to not like whats hot and try and find it out for themselves..

    By the way dude all of Young MOney sucks as well as MMG(cept Wale? nah he kinda sucks now too he is starting to sound as monotonous and as stereotypical as Weak Mills)

  • dadankness

    Oh and this is DaDankness posting again.. Not the ZAoom zoom its dude or the b.dots secretary dude..

    I am a professed hater.. But thats because rap is so pop now.. Its disgusting.. ASAP just raps bout getting fucked up and doing drugs and fucking bitches and how he used to sell drugs before he got into rap.. Notice he doesn’t say he is still selling drugs ALA Rick Faggy Ross? Ya.. He knows he ain’t doin that shit anymore so he raps bout how he “used to” Rick ross would have you believe that he is stilll(OR HAS FUCKING EVER) been a boat at the same time as mulitple kilos of any illicit drug.

    Shake my fucking head at what people believe nowadays.

    Thank you for killing rap people born after 1990. Thank you.

  • Rajon chrondo

    DaDankness….dont think so far into shit…rick ross don’t sell coke obviously but I wouldn’t.be suprised if he funds niggas that do

  • Yeezy

    Whats up wit these new niggas…ready to go columbine if you dont like they favorite rapper

  • Obama

    No “haters” don’t mean your doing something right. It means people are over it… These niggas better worry cause the buzz is a wrap and it looks like their 15 minutes is up..

  • dopeness

    yesss can’t fuckin wait….



  • How Wonderful…

    I’ll give it a try and download it. Thats whats cool about the free mixtapes, If it’s certified trash you can disregard it. In all reality Im not expecting much after hearing Love Live ASAP.

  • Jay Jones

    At least they make something outta their lives.