• Nickey Negrito

    That shit was hard. I gotta support my dude. Visuals make a song better. I like the Akon hook. Surprise Akon wasnt too busy counting them M’s…..lol

  • Nickey Negrito

    Even to this day Jada ain’t seeing Beans.
    I ‘m not seeking attention, just wanted to STATE that fact.

  • Kailo

    beans on some sorta DRUGS in that breakfast club interview.. smh

    Fan Amazed That Rapper Currensy was Actually Uglier as a Baby than He Is Now

  • Black Shady

    oh he’s not on drug this time??? good lol

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    This is Lava!, Beanie is Ice nice!, eventualy when he goes do his bid, I don’t think any of his handlers have his interest at heart. You know like outta sight outta mind. I wonder what’s gonna happen when he touches down in 3. Anyway I gotta feeling Jay or Ye will use my tag name in a song!

  • the One

    Yo Beans, you got one bro!

  • Mic Check


  • Uncle Ray Ray

    I fucks wit this !