Lil Wayne DEWeezy Webisode Ep. 3

We fall down, but we get up. And for his third webisode, Tunechi does just that as he recovers from a skating injury which temporarily forces him to take leave from his profession.

Previously: Ep. 2

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  • CashlessClay

    That nigga survived a bullet but is gonna die skatin! lol

  • DJ Game

    this is one big joke.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I bet you YMCMB groupies & stans are crying when they watch the video Wack Weezy will be OK. If anything is broken its his rapping.

  • n then gave’m the face like “WORD”???

    this nigga showing off his failures….smh….this is 1 glorified ass weirdo!
    this nigga want stripes cause he got a boo-boo from tryna go up n down a ramp ahahahaha…boy how the “great” have fallen: figuratively n literally!!! ahahahahhahaha FOH wit this sucka nigga, stone cold weirdo…..

  • Swag

    Skate Hop

  • Black Shady

    biggest poser in the rap game… to Ross

    even his band-aid is fruity LMAO i cant with this nigga……….

  • Mic Check

    this nigga…

  • M.T


  • Obama

    mid-life crisis?? nigga we was showing off our swollen ankles and skate bruises when we were 10 years old. but we’re grown now…

  • Real Talk.

    Yet yall watched it, Mind you the heading did not say “new video/music” it clearly said deweezy blah blah, and the caption beneath it made it clear that it was about skating. Yet mf’s will watch that ho and act like they’re disgusted by this man’s hobby. smh

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Real Talk. Stop crying lil man.

  • MMG

    Why not support your fav rappers than invest in hating? Smh

  • mik

    lil weez aka MR. Fucccccccck NY!!!!

  • Blaxdon

    Skateboard must’ve been made in New York

  • kai

    this nigga been on a losing streak all month long.

  • he skates so he can get hurt and get the meds no trouble….duh!~lool

  • MikeDidMakeIt

    There is no possible way wayne is not taking lean anymore. He looked leaned out while talking to the camerq

  • ymcmb..maniac

    psh..yall haters be tlking shit on weezy..he made it yall just jealous and want his position..die mada fuckas..b ait weezy f…4 fuck yall haters

  • SmokeYou

    fucking poser

  • abovetheclouds

    Fuck this guy. I’d rather listen to his shitty raps than hear him talk about how shitty he is on a skateboard.