• rrahha

    WTF! Just wierd man…just wierd….

  • Chris

    LOL this guy is just trolling the Internet now with all his gay imagery.

  • Steve

    Miguel. Frank. Weeknd. Changing R&B.

  • Hiphoperative

    Gay sells?

  • NeonBlue

    r u serious?? dats an ignorant comment. Good music sells, it has nothin to do wit sexuality.

  • WTF Is Lil Wayne Wearing

    Always this faggot tho


    Pls stop Miguel. Switch the style up. YACK

    2 black thumbs downnnnn.

  • Fuck Swag

    The dude makes good music, I’ll cosign that.

  • Regular Guy

    Miguel is keeping R&B, a suffering genre alive.