• King

    Video’s lookin like it gon come off good

  • The Other P

    This might be one of the worst songs he’s released as a single. His lyrics might be redundant but the beats were usually banging. Too many “Yes” men in Game’s inner circle.

  • Black Shady

    He’s really dropping a bootlegg BTNH record? LOL Game is lost musically…
    so disrespectful….

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    FIF made Game hot. ‘Red Album’ was pushed back so many time. It sells under 100K first week. This dude had Dr. Dre, William L. Roberts, Wack Weezy twice on the album, Drake, Jeezy. Game is a JOKE.

  • Rozay

    Song aint that bad, paying homage Game had a nice CD last year but all that beefing shit turned too many people off and it hurt his sales, that being said he’ll probably have the number 1 album the week it comes out between 85-170 k the first week.

  • Evil

    fuck wayne,brown and kalifa.Soft ass punks.Why Game do songs with them? He should give the nigga X to tha Z a call and get him on the album.Xzibit is back ready to kick ass
    Hope Eminem has Xzibit on his new album,those make dope songs together.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Anybody who said 50 made Game hot is off their fuckin lame ass square. 50 couldnt get his self hot musically for the last 4 to 5 years. Game still was selling records w/o the Unit . R.E.D. flopped cause it wasnt mainstream enough but still one of the best albums of last year. Zoom Zoom bitch ass had to mention 50 in a Game post. Damn dog i didnt G-Unit groupies still existed!

  • Mic Check

    All I remember about the the RED album is Kenderick Lamar killing Game on his intro of his own album. Wiz & Tyga on the same song plus standing next to each other is just too weird.