Big Sean Previews “How I Feel”

Decked out in a mink, Big Sean checks into a luxurious hotel and gives us a sneak peek of a new track off his September 5 release, Detroit. Dope chick. Doper track.

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  • damn

    big coat; lil nigga in it


    he’s so small

  • tr

    beat is kinda dope (before the drums drop).

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    I can not express how tired I am of this repetitive shit…I fucked with dude when he first came out. Hence, why I listened to this. I’m not asking for deep heartfelt “Pac bars”…but Jesus Christ!!! Please try to visualize cars, clothes, and hoes differently at least. ARGGGGh!!! …..And this concludes my rant.

  • the One

    How I feel? I’m going to tell you how I feel! Song sound wack !! Those shades look suspect!
    That’s how I feel!

  • Victor Von DOOM

    Big Sean sound like a lil ass kid on the microphone.

    This nigga like 5’5 100 pounds he can’t beef with nobody LMAO

  • Oh Dat’s your Gurl!?

    He called out his old girls
    “You was fuking with a OG cherish dat shit”

    Can’t wait for the mixtape
    September 5th

  • Mike Jones

    This shits for the birds!!!!

  • James

    Dope beat

  • Santa

    damn this went hard

  • Watt The Fog

    Why is everybody so mad at this guy?.. I dont get it.. Being skinny, having a little voice and so on?? Like WTF.. What’s he supposed to do.. Dude can rap.. Beat is nice/OK.. It’s so easy to just shout wack every time a new song is released.. Subject wise: What’s he supposed to rap about? His biggest struggle in life was to get recognize for what he does best and make a living from it.. He’s on songs with Kanye.. With Wayne.. With Bieber.. He did that, so now what..? Admittedly It’d be interesting to see where he goes from here music wise as the Finally Famous-niche might get very boring very soon.. His flow is still hella nice though..

  • Heckpot

    How are you going to hate on this? This shows Sean is actually evolving. I’m glad he is evolving out of the “ASS” mainstream rap style… He is reaching his potential. Keep putting out GOOD music Sean, can’t wait for the mixtape.

  • JHP

    Niggas just mad cause B-I-G Sean Don fucked their bitches #ServeHoe

  • PEEP

    Doper track? u for real?

  • Cheat

    More hype for this than waynes Tape. this is about to be dope

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