somebody tell this nigga to release some music, who give’s a fuck about this faggot’s money it doesn’t affect anybodies life

  • @gtfomike

    I’m tired of Dr. Dre, release Detox or get out of my face.

  • Da Business

    I ain’t even mad @ Dre, shit I feel him. If I was caking like that from headphones, I’d say fuck a lp also.

  • Badboy Hitman

    Where Diddy at? Ain’t he always #1 on the hip-hop list every year?

  • mrzee

    yall still waiting on detox? theres no money in music or very little and dre seems to be having so much fun with beats.

  • Networth & what you make are two different things, that’s why you don’t see Diddy or Jay-Z on this list

  • RR Cool J

    The first two comments are the reason why he’ll probably never release Detox. He came up in a time when people appreciated hip-hop music and the artists that made it. AND THEY BOUGHT IT TOO.

    Now dudes are sitting back waiting for download links and when you don’t get it in the time that you want, you call him a “faggot” and tell him to get out of your face.

    He doesn’t have to endure such talk in the business world. Everyone loves his headphones and gladly shell out the $300+ that it costs to own them.

  • Black Shady

    @RR COOL J ; co-sign lmao!!!

  • kayandgee

    @RR cool J tell em yo! they dont understand

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Good for him he’s got other business ventures to make $$. Releasing album isnt his focus making $$$ is. Aftermath !

  • Musikal

    Nigga dre say he stacking paper.

  • yea Doc Dre!! Fuck these unappreciative jerks

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    u clowns need to stop it, his money don’t help you when your struggling. i’m sick of these artists milking out people out of their hard earned money for bullshit. and for the record, those Dre Beats are garbage, ain’t nothing speacial about those headsets i tried them and they are terrible.

  • t

    dre been famous longer

  • t

    why the fuck would dre pay to detox out when hes already the richest fucking rapper

  • tipple

    dr is certainly not a faggot, and patience is a virtue . so have patience my young grasshopppa

  • KoldCase

    fuck dre release it already or at least lie and tell us a release date fuck

    and release the final version of die hard, that shits to good to let go


    he hasnt released an album n 13 years n hes the highest paid hip hop celeb? smh ,.. DRE is more of a brand then an artist, n probably has never wrote his own raps in his life.. not to mention alota his beats are ghostproduced as well

  • JWhistles

    holy haters batman.

    if he released detox what reason would anyone have to pay any attention to him after that? none. If he keeps eluding to it coming out, people keep his name in their mouth. Even you haters in this post, if i had a link to even one song off detox you wouldnt be able to click it fast enough. Give it an Em, Snoop and prerecorded Nate track and youll be in here yelling classic.

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