• @gtfomike

    Game will never go gold again

  • King

    he’s got a song called “Jesus Piece” feat. Kanye West prod by West too!!

  • Trillionaire

    Lord forgive us all…lol I don’t know whats going on anymore

  • Commenting Carl

    Didn’t Ice Burgundy say the streets want the old Game back… now Game is saying he feels like the old Game maybe he is taking heed.

  • @Artise1

    He should name it Red Dog Sh*t. Who cares about a name as long as the music bumps.

  • http://Livprofitlive.info Profit

    Biggest pile of dog poo I’ve eve heard

  • Devante

    Ross has a song called Jesus Piece

  • mikedavis

    Ross got 10 Jesus Pieces, his album cover has him with all thm on. Game needs to be original for once

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  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Every last one of his album titles was inspired by someone else shit. His career is over.

  • http://flamingobarnes.tumblr.com Brodie

    @mikedavis people been rocking the Jesus piece for a min. utter comes and goes. Biggie used to rock one, Jay had the black diamond Jesus piece, etc




    Game can rename himself Eminem, he still flopping. Nobody takes this dude seriously anymore

  • Black Shady

    Tuesday, August 28 2012 at 10:48 AM EST

    you aint lying. same goes with Fif

  • Scrilla

    Watch EVERY song has atleast 2 or 3 features on it

  • Jdub

    Sounds creative cant wait he doesnt dissapoint. Yes im a game fan and yes hes the reason theres no g unit sneakers, clothes, or relevent music and why 50 is in a creative slump. Whether you wanna admit it or not that was all him and you know it. G unot.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Game is wack. FIF made you homie.

  • Respect

    this dude is just biting Ross..Game has no originality

  • @respect
    You have no originality …you hate like everyone else on this site..switch it up
    Wana be different say something positive

  • How Wonderful…

    Someone with power in the music industry needs to stop this fool.

  • tucq

    I never trip on game’s antics. The bottom line is the final product.

    Pound for pound, Game is the best album maker out of GUnit, and one of the best album makers in the rap world. PERIOD.


  • Hannibal Lecture

    Doesn’t matter what he calls it will still be a classic. @tucq co-sign.

  • Angelo

    Honestly unless he gets back with the right producers the album will be his 3rd dud in a row. LAX & R.E.D. are trash compared to The Documentary & Doc’s Advocate. A dope Game album needs Just Blaze, Kanye, Buckwild, Hi Tek, Khalil, Nottz, Jake One…not Cool & Dre or Hitboy bruh

  • mitch

    @Jdub. 50 still went platinum even after their beef and Game left g-unit, so i doubt Game had anything to do with their demise, Young buck turned into a looser like beanie sigel, plus, i just think 50 ran out of good ideas, and people seen his antics from miles away, same with Game -his antics , being signed to G-unit, blood affiliation, Kanye west beats is what made him also. i admit he can rap great when he wants to, but he has fizzled. Its not 2005/2006 anymore. But i dig the direction he wants to take with his new album, hopefully he sincere with it though

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Hannibal Lecture. You got the pom poms going today i see.

  • mitch

    *loser* not *looser* oops, lmao

  • t

    the game is the game
    ever since he came out hes been right in the center of it and changing with it

  • t

    he album last year was like a DJ Khalid CD

  • JmJ

    Cool and Dre made hate it or love it probably his biggest hit dumbass bruh

  • bunch of haters

    @mitch what! are you kidding me? 300 bars was the death of 50 cent/ g-unit period after it was not the same and that you cant deny. 50 was going platinum but it was a HUGE fall from triple platinum and it was an even bigger fall after that. game did kill g unit @ J Dub is right and ill admit his last few albums were not the documentary or doctors advocate but they were better than 90 % of the other albums out there and hes gone #1 not to mention his mixtapes are the most downloaded out there. we all check for him

  • Heffner

    @angelo I wouldn’t be mad at hearing a Hitboy track. Didn’t Cool&Dre do Hate It Or Love It and My Life? I wouldn’t be mad at them being on the album either. I’m a Game fan so as long as the beats bang and he spits likenHurricane I’ll be good

  • Huil Lu Kim


    Surely, Jesus did die for Game, but Game does not fit the idea of a Christian. Christian Bible says you know them by their fruits, meaning you will recognize a Christian by their behavior, attitude and lifestyle commanded by the Christian tenets. Sorry, Game no ones perfect, even A CHristian, but stuff you do show you care not what a Christian is.

  • Killa K

    He really is bi-polar damn.

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  • Maself

    Nigga look high as a muhfuka jejejej, LAX was fire, foh.

  • King

    damn i bet these haters are the same person

  • afbastard

    i think this game album going to do aight he has no comp out west

  • The Co-Signer

    What the hell was it called before?

    Did anyone care then?

  • Tbdproductions

    @afbastard…. ever heard of a group called tha dogg pound??? how about crooked I??? Or convinced??? Or 4-zone??? The walkons!!??? How about styles of beyond??? Get busy committee??? Young de??? X to the muthafuckin fuckin Z????????????? I could go on and on and on and on and on….king tee is still killnn Shit!!! You can’t Fuck with the liks!!! NO COMPETITION??????? STFU!!!!

  • lickdacat

    this album bout to be dope.

  • niggasiswack

    i still fuck wit game .one of the last real lyricist left. name droppin and all.