• Exile

    Track three knocks Mixtape
    not good

  • IamRealTalk


  • gammaboi

    Was looking forward to this but really it’s too all over the place with it’s sound.
    Unlike A$AP Rocky’s Live Love A$AP which had one kinda vibe.
    Some of these A$AP members are dead weight too.
    Flows are so horrid and I can’t stand the generic MMG/Lex Luger style numbers on here.
    Definitely a let down.

  • Exile

    The real talent is their producer. I like the production on several songs,but its marred by New Yorkers Rapping like Southerners. I never understood that. Clearly they are fans of the West and Southern styles. As a fan you should take what you love of those regions but bring in your Area as well to make a cohesive sound for your music. I’m very dissapointed. A$ap had an opportunity to score huge here and fumbled the pass. In this game you only get one chance to make a lasting impression and I’m afraid these kids won’t be in the game for very long.

  • lollll its real hard to take these dudes forreal sometimes..


    can’t front, this shit knocks so far 4 tracks in….. I don’t know about the lyrical content yet but flow, delivery, and beats so far dope.

  • dmfslimm

    not bad. ive heard worse. i wish i could tell whos who.

  • Iran The Race

    Trash.. Very disappointing.. A$SAP Nast didnt have any good lyrics; the A$SAP Mob beat selections and lyrical concepts were half ass at best. smh

  • datdude

    I have no problem with the mob.
    But I hope the album is not going to sound like this
    decent beats but no charisma from these guys.

  • mckloud

    all these niggas weak as hydrogen bonds except rocky he gots a flow the rest them niggas can sleep…honesty & dmt

  • a thought

    I take it that everyone commenting above me are rappers who may or may not see these dudes as a road block or hindrance. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but nothing really positive just negative…before it’s even time to clock in at work lol


    I think most of their production save these artists a lot like track one. over a decent beat it would’ve been wack but this shit is crazy!!!! anyways I get why y’all don’t like but personlly I like this shit. And P on the boards is fucking crazy. and that coke and white bitches part 2 beat is amazing. those araabmuzik beats >>>>>>>>>>

  • datdude

    Thought I count 4 compliments before u.

  • 90’s in your face

    I didn’t even listen, and I know this shit is garbage; so was the other mixtape. In the 90’s they would get boo’d off every stage they hit. The south sucks, and so does everywhere else but NYC. Half these funny style dudes quit, and try something else. It sad what happened to the game

  • Exile

    I did say I liked some of the production

  • Too bad A$AP Mob is from NYC…

  • Cali760

    At least they are better than Odd Future’s lame ass group.

  • a thought

    If ASAP MOB catered to those that think they suck and are “doing the southern thing” they’d most likely be just as miserable as the lot of you and would be joining you in the comments sections talking about how much shit sucks…and not signing deals, seeing the world and making music haha

  • Idk im startin to lose faith in A$AP…tape is kinda wack

  • dopeness

    shit slaps

  • dope

    danny killed it

  • dope

    how do they sound southern -___- ant, dash, and twelvyy flow sounds harlem as hell…hahahah

  • dopeness

    wish nast was on more tracks tho

  • a thought

    The person that just said they sound Harlem as well is ON POINT. LISTEN TO BIG L, OLD CAM(SDE CONFESSIONS OF FIRE) and tell me they aren’t carrying on a Harlem tradition

  • the void

    the fat bot on the left with shit on his face is funny looking. he must be the mascot .

  • Cali760

    This mixtape was a let down Rocky needs to drop all these other fools and do his own thing.

  • AdOLLAgangg

    we suck..true.. but y’all love it. bitches lol

  • SpaceGhostBlacc


    Domo Genesis>>>>>asap mob tbh

  • TA

    Asap ferg got nice flows on there

  • lilrizq

    all these niggas are biting off of SpaceGhostPurrp(see “Bangin On Wax”), Lil B( pretty mutha -ucka) Jay-Z(see “Run This Town”), Bone Thugs In Harmony, and Houston rap in general. I can tolerate Rocky but the rest suck. Luckily their production team got heat for the to mask their wack a– flows over,lol.

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