• great song, download?!

  • forreal tho, this how i felt halfway through my trip…

  • made me a fan with this one..

  • STFU

    Sounds like Royce.

  • Bigshorty

    @STFU I was trying to figure out who he reminded me of, you are right, he does sound similar to Royce, which is a compliment. I rock with this kid heavy…I have been listening to his work for the last six or seven months and he is consistent with the bangers. Salute to Tito Lopez, young boy is spittin fire!

  • D-slopez

    much love for Tito from Australia, been rockin with Tito since the ‘King with No Crown’ to Lost Files and Hunger Games, has an authenticity lacking in many of todays artists, doesnt claim to be a gangster, doesnt constantly brag about his wealth or hos, just spits real shit, has a nice flow, sick metaphors and wordplay, social commentary and personal reflection in his songs. even the beats are dope despite no major production credits yet. kinda like a mix between royce n ti. hopin for an album soon on capitol records, in mean time, support this dude, cop ‘the blues’ n ‘mama proud’ off itunes n the mixtapes off datpiff, deserves props!