New Video: Fred The Godson “Monique’s Room”

Fred released a video for this back in April. But this time, he takes his treatment outside of the strip club. Personally, the original was sufficient. Not to mention, it also starred

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    THIS FAT PIG HAS NO NECK!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!

  • The_Man

    Man haters always talking shit bout what he looks like Go look in the mirror yourself


    Fred can spit, this song could of been a smash if a label was behind him

  • t

    ever notice that every album that gets an ad on this site turns out to be trash

    takes money to make money not talent

  • t

    these site are killing hip hop if i had the time i could make a site just like this and fill it the best shit coming out and not just a few good ones every once in while

  • t

    and no one even know what there talking about they just throw a bunch of cus words up and think there cool for somthing the g way

  • t

    and this song is killing hip hop

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  • As Real As It Gets

    He could spit but damn he’s one ugly mu’fucker! He should just ghostwrite for french and mysone.


    lil playboy lol