• onenutned

    I officially give up beans….nigga you to old to be gettin caught wit’ the burner nigga! you know the D.A. got a hard on for you and you continue to give’m reason to sit you down..damn my dawg it’s time to stop goonin’ my G ain’t you see it’s no future in it?…sincerely a fan.

  • bumpy johnson

    oh it’s hova fault …………..

  • IamRealTalk ( Rick Ross’ GFID 738K FW is Approaching PLATINUM Status – Jeezy Where u At LMAO )


  • The truth

    Some niggas were meant not to be shit in there lifes that’s all

  • Donn


    I don’t get it, he’s living the life he raps about? Isn’t that what hip hop fans want? So let me get this right, if u rap about it and u don’t live it, then ur fake, but if u rap about it and do it then your dumb??



    @The truth…Truth. I give up. I have no remorse for stupid niggas.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    He was on MTV Rapfix last week talking bout his next bid is his last he will ever do, dammmmnnnnn Beans you love the system.

  • Blaxdon

    Damn You Beans!!! Well I guess I’ll see you when I see you—I was just watching a youtube vid of Jay and beans at the tunnel. speechless,sad,and unfortunately still have to go on with my life. He was retarded but I’m gonna miss him. Don’t kill yourself in jail neither. It’s pretty much a wrap for you Beans but maybe you can some locked up knucklheads I don’t know what to fucking say!!

  • Kunta Kente

    Hov is somewhere laughing his ass off right now while watching Seseme Street with Blu Ivy spoiled ass

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    I dont really know what to say but yall do understand the reason people live like this is because they dont have God in their life……..you can go to any outlet that isnt God and you will fail because its not THE TRUTH, its not real.

    Besides, This dude is a targeted individual – he speaks out sometimes against the system….just like DMX. They wont stand for that – they will make you look like shit and continue to make you look like shit if you do not live up to THE VOW you promised them from the beginning.

    Why do you think Bob Dylan still performs?? – Cause he sounds good?? No, but he made a deal with the man downstairs and has to live up to it until he is in the ground. All this runs full circle.

    This is all industry and evil working at the same time to destroy. This is nothing new.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    No words


    Congrats Beans….”You kept it real”…

  • Wesley Snipes Roomate

    Don’t Drop The Soap!

  • Brooklyn

    @Tim Lee Yea and me and Beyonce are dating

  • Black Shady



    @Tim Lee VA Stand Up…Just stop. Please. Stop. Your so “niggafied” my dude. They got you niggas convinced at all times through US history that “Someone else has control over you life” at all times. Don’t YOU see…That’s the strongest chains ever built.

    This nigga made a bad decision all by himself. He did this. “The Devil” is the greatest scape goat of all time…It’s sad seeing ppl blame their actions on something they have never seen, smelled, or touched before,… even before they blame their selves. Sheep.

  • Joseline Hernandez

    I blame the public school system


    iiluminati wants his mind, soul and body. Jay is playing some role behind this whether you believe it or not

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  • hec1979

    Lock’em up and throw away the key. Dumb, bum ass dude. You have a talent and cant seem to get your life straight such a damn shame. People would kill to be in the position that he’s in and he always finds a way to screw it up. You deserve everything you get.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Lmao @ This Time available now!

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    @ POWER

    niggafied?? Im not a fucking nigger for one so def dont call me that. I am White.

    Second – I not one time said this was the devil’s fault – not once did i say the word Devil. You sound like the fucking ignorant one who cant fucking read or comprehend anything.

  • The Watcher


  • Kunta Kente

    “I used to duck shots but now I eat quail, I’ll prolly never see jail” – Hova

  • Kunta Kente

    “Got 5 passports I’m never going to jai”. *Otis Screams*


    @Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Congrats you dumb fuck…You proved my point faster that you coud say “Butthurt”….


    *** Exhibit A***
    “No, but he made a deal with the MAN DOWNSTAIRS (devil) and has to live up to it until he is in the ground.”

    *** Exhibit B***
    “This is all industry and EVIL working at the same time to destroy.”

    Your choice of words and your profession of the need for “God” leads me to believe that you are of some sort of Christian background. So yes based on your context you are blaming his actions on the powers of something that dosent exist.

    Dude…I’m a Lawyer. Please lets don’t go down this road. Not the one to fuck with in an argument.

    PS. I was inaccurate in assuming you were black (“Niggerfied”)(Im black BTW).

    Correction…”your just stupid”.

  • FTW

    Feds on his heels…

    I thought he was talking kind of reckless about being Capone and what not.

    If he beats this, we’ll know with out a shadow of doubt that he’s tied into some serious shit.

    Damn Beans…

  • FTW

    Btw… Power just roasted Tim …lol

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Im not shocked. Did you guys see Beans on the breakfast club last week? What a waste of talent smh.

  • @Artise1

    You can’t write this sh*t. Just like a n*gga. and lmfao @ a Ford Fusion. That’s why Jay couldn’t f*ck with him no more.

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    @ POWER

    haha Yeah the guy that needs to tell everyone hes Lawyer = Not a Lawyer.

    did you think that was such a good argument or something?? haha you said im a lawyer as if anything intelligent came out of your mouth but i expect that from people like you….

    You’re an idiot.

  • the finishline

    Jay ain’t thinkin bout him he making power moves. Nigga just in the hood where most blacks get pulled over.

  • the G.O.D


    Nuff respect for setting that clown straight and with his ‘ I’m not a fucking nigger. I am white ‘ money is really comfortable with saying ‘nigger’ ; yes he is a so-called christian (don’t know why the fuck they called themselves that and what the fuck that means)-p.s. @Va whatever the fuck yr name is-Jesus was not a fucking christian and if he were to come back (okay) he would spit on that fucking word and all it connotes. Personal God + personal Devil+= the same fucking thing: CHAINS.

    Fucking rap fans kill me with this bullshit. Dudes like Beanie need to get a fucking education- 4, 000 USD could get him 2 distance learning classes (books included).


  • OvO

    Drake Won!

  • Magnum

    is that part of the plan beans errtime ya album drops u always on ya way to jail damn we Nigerian wants to know if its the new marketing scheme in ya world i tire.

  • Young Chris

    So there won’t be a State Property 3?

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Fuck you niggers!


    @Tim Lee VA Stand Up…you’re right (Sarcasm). Now please let it go…before I embarrass you further. Seriously.

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    @ the G.O.D.

    Bitch if you decide thats what you wanna call me ill denounce it real quick pussy – No one is even talking to your bitch ass, so jump of Power’s dick and stop riding it like a cowboy. Fuck I care about saying Nigger for its 2012. Always wanna call someone a nigger but if i say it back you wanna get mad cause you find out im white?? Fuck you and all that you know or stand for. You’re the reason your city should be blown to shit, cause your a poor uneducated faggot with nothing to live for.

  • onenutned

    lmbao @OvO

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    @ POWER bring it with your NON-LAWYER ass – you’re a joke. Like this is some type of roast and i should be scared? haha Ill fuck you up in any debate Mr. Lawyer on Rap Radar. hahahaha

  • Trill Cosby

    Beans I aint tryna change you just give you some game, to make the transition from the streets to the fame.

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    @ TIM LEE VA STAND UP (Impersonator “fuck you niggers!”)

    Shoutout to you for taking the time to type my all powerful name in the required field!!!

  • j

    wait u clowns think Jay is thinking about his moronic old friend? HA! Jay is way above this loser.

  • the G.O.D

    Tim Lee VA Stand Up and Power = THE SAME PERSON


    @ Tim whateverthfuck…Lemme know when you’re done “healing” snookie. I understand, you’re embarrassed. Let it all out girl…Exhale!!!

  • brl

    @ Donn,

    Well said, my thoughts exactly.

  • mikedavis

    this is crazy, im a miss Beans. love his music. Between him Max B an B.G.
    All the real niccas is either dead or in jail

  • Magnum

    true @mike faking is the new real

  • Mike

    Damn fool

  • DMV

    HA! Fat Fucker

  • ceaze

    he’s demented

  • the One

    This is very unfortunate, Beans I really thought you were on your way back as I’m sure if you showed Jay that you changed and that you understand why he wanted you to change he would have invited you back into his circles. I think you out of anyone in the rock could have gotten a bly from Jay as he did respect you the most. He just couldn’t be a part of your fuckrieness anymore or he would be in the same position as you . That just and life bra, keep your head up and may you find peace as I feel it’s a rap for your carrier after this get’s prosecuted.

  • Evil

    Dumb nigga.You dont drive around with guns,syrup,pills and cash in your car when you already are looking at prison time.What a dumb nigga.
    Get ready for beans&water and shower assrape

  • 7figures

    ya’ll niggas kill me! all u niggas say ross is fake blah blah blah…and when beans live what he rap bout he’s dumb? which one is it niggas?

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    I don’t know which is worse, the gun charge? or the fact that they were riding in a Ford Fusion.

  • now he has plenty of time to learn how to properly fill out 1040ez

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    If you riding around w/ that ,you need dudes that are gonna take the entire fall but Beans is a felon and can’t be around firearms anyway so it’s a lose, lose situation. How much additional time is he looking at?

  • Brooklyn

    @7Figures He is dumb he got caught with drugs and a burner and he wasen’t even driving you supposed to watch the company you keep. If you beat a murder case and now are heading back to prison for taxes then what the fuck you doing with let alone one but all a gun, money, and drugs. This nigga is fucking retarted.

  • Roc Nation

    @Robb Maxx THATS TOO FAR NIGGA! (Yeezy voice)

  • Acapella

    Smfh. Fuckin’ idiot. This nigga must LOVE jail becuz he can’t stay outta the bing…and he’s mad that Jay stopped fuckin’ with him??? Nigga. I hope he has have a much needed life changing epiphany while sitting in there. Roll the credits.

  • the G.O.D

    @Vdcarrying Hoe-Satnd up to let cum leak out yr ass

    Ain’t no bitch here fucker; I am Godbody, cave boy, and the only dick riding is being done by you and the Em types-wanna be black. ass. All this faggot talk is cause yr ass is gay, most Christians are anyway. Your punk ass probably got slapped the fuck up by some young ones back in h.s. or still getting slapped. Acting black a la Eminem -dick riding a culture that ain’t yours seems more like Black penis envy. Dude, I manage about a 30 staff which in turns is responsible for 3, 000 young adults, baby boy. Uneducated, check the penmanship, fucker. Your problem is you want to be black and a real man so far you think every black person is a ‘victim’ patronizing idiots like Beanie Siegel et al just show that you don’t respect him as a man, let a man be a man, wise or foolish, that is his choice; That Jail/street cycle been through it, rose above it; Ain’t no victim here, clown, I come from a proud heritage, in my family we bow down to no one, whatever the fuck color you are. Go fuck yourself and get a girlfriend ( a real one, not the family cat or your left/right dickbeaters)


  • Guess this explains why he was acting weird at power 105 he was high as shit

  • ydot


    Prisons are the safest place in America. China and Russia are going nuclear on America very very soon. Black people are GODS chosen ( listen to Kanye ) and he knows what the devil has done.

    Kiss your suburbs goodbye.

  • chilleymost




  • strongisland

    damn – LOOK @ ME NOW

  • I’m sure Sigel isn’t an idiot. I’m of the belief that you can’t be nice lyrically if your dumb. This nigga got some goddamn sense man! But he’s officially finished now. I guess it really is how his song say….This is ALL he knows….

  • deWayneWayne

    Its funny how both Beanie Sigel & Rick Ross were signed by Jay z, because where Ross is in his career now, is exactly where Jay wanted to see sigel years ago…SMH. to bad for this nigga though.

  • Nickey Negrito


  • Quese

    Dickhead! SMDH

  • CLICK HERE!!!! http://soundcloud.com/dr-gstyles/10-life-a-million 4 dAT Real HIP-HOP!

  • yaysayer

    @Donn, truer words couldnt have been spoken.

  • damn beans, the fuck man shouldnt have gone on breakfast club looking like such a mess.

  • Pissed

    Over a decade in the game & still doin stupid stuff SMH

  • Donald

    Damn…Beans got fat as hell. I met this dude in Vegas and hada little talk with him. I could tell dude was a low IQ type of nigga. I mean…some dudes just aren’t meant to be much in life and it’s sad. I see em all the time…couchsurfers…ticket scratchers…cigarette bummers…smh

  • Da Business

    Smh @ Beans, damn homie…

  • Pedro

    Beanie Sigel is the new DMX.

  • i think his lawyers are planning something, this could be a good thing, i come from a family of lawyers and im saying with my own thoughts these drugs charges he could plead that he’s an addict or etc etc, and he isn’t prepared to pay off his tax debts, unless he is first clean and back to his career….i dnt noe i feel like that there are a few ways he could play this..

  • this drug problem has been consistant throughout his music career, and it caused him to fall in a deep depression, etc etc, bad spending habits, they could twist it up it they wanted..

  • youngman24

    Damn you fools need something to do, seriously just remember it’s the internet..

    and lol @ Drake Wins!

  • StackDoe9900

    Free Beans

  • I Tell It

    @ Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Beanie Sigel was a devout Muslim who believed in ALLAH.

  • Itz Yourz

    OK. to all my RN…are ya really surprised. Yall know a/of a beanie seigel in ya hood even worse (a nigga that gets locked up on the day he got out..lol I damn sure know of a P.O.M.E like that).They stay in jail. Being out for them is vacation…then they must go back. ol ignorant asses.
    Its just beanie shit got a spotlight on it. And he is getting older and you seeing his talent being wasted. Hold ya head beans. Get on your deen nigga. Its ya kids this type of shit hurts. Knock it off already!

  • Jay Jones

    He snitched on himself when with the Breakfast club trio, saying a lot and being high….man po-po got you, especially if you brag…

  • Musikal

    Beans you fucked up… again.

  • Da Truthhhhh

    The pressure got to him.

  • blackgod

    @Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Please …. never come back to this website ….

  • mac DIESEL



  • DonDodda

    This got 2 be the dumbest rapper in the game!

  • DonDodda

    Dumb meaning Dumb, Not Dumb meaning good!!!!

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