• Kobe

    Not bad, I’m more concerned about the music.

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Wack. Lil Sean is cool though. I’ll download. Boiii

  • A$VP J-MAC

    Not the best Looking cover

  • Ea$y Bread


  • Victor Von DOOM

    Danny Brown > Big Sean

  • Blogaveli

    Why does this look like Cormega’s The True Meaning cover?

  • JustMyOpinion

    Wack rappers bore me.

    All these damn mixtapes. SMH

  • Cruel Thing

    Hahaha Danny Brown…

    I’ll probably download it for the features. G.O.O.D

  • M.T

    looking forward to the jcole feature.

  • Brown Shady

    I heard 5’9 gon’ be on this. Im disappointed in you Royce, I can’t believe you like Seans music… its garbage… Danny Brown is a garbage too

  • Me

    “Oh, that’s yo girl..”

  • thefuck

    He stole his crew swag ff

  • acidrap

    Fuck this weak ass nigga.Aint nobody here in the D checkin for his shit…or danny brown.Its only these lames and lil kids that feel that shit.

  • gammaboi

    Nah, playa!
    This nigga looking like K-Ci from Jodeci and shit.

  • MOneybags

    @gammaboi lmao word , nigga prolly got the black boots on too

  • Cosign @Blogaveli

  • Musikal

    I wonder if it’s goin to have features of people from detroit in it. Guess we got to wait and see.

  • DMVinyourchick

    @acidtrap you must be an oldhead huh