Breakfast Club Interviews Slaughterhouse

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All four members of the House Gang appeared on Power 105 this morning. They discussed the album, mainstream success, radio, and more. welcome to: Our House in stores now.

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    realest rappers out there!

  • GTFO

    Good interview. Better than them short ass Hot 97 interviews.


    ^ with no fuckin full video.

    i hate that radio station

  • Shaaaady

    Slauuuuuuuuuuuuuuughter house
    Crooked i voice
    Step up ur bars lame rappers

  • STFU.

    ^^ What he said.

  • Double u-Tee-Eff

    Welcome to our house <go get it

  • onenutned

    this was one of the more tame interviews that shit wit’ the funny eyed nigga from this is 50 was way better any shout out to the slaughterhouse!

  • thats a very misleading fucking hennessy advertisement lmao, never stop, never settle, but on the bottom, please drink responsibly, wtffff anyway cool interview, still really fucking disappointed, like i as a fan feel dissed right now.

  • EV

    If you like Slaugherhouse, you might like my blog, Rhymes and Reasons. It

  • PistolPistol

    Solid album… Fuck the mention of a “Mainstream album”… They signed TO SHADY!! You expecting a fuckimg mixtape???? Oooohhh yeah: On The House<<<——- pick it up!

    Bout time these other wack as rappers and groups get out the limelight

  • PistolPistol

    * wack ASS..

  • Nickey Negrito

    Good interview. Dem dudes is humble. As far as Joe being better than NY emcee’s, i wonder what rappers he has in mind? NY rappers have fallen short. We use to have a handful of NY emcee’s, but now i can’t even count the nicest out besides Jay and Nas, oh yeah, Meth and Red when they serious.
    But that’s my opinion. Please no debates.

    Red is New Jerz. I forgot.

  • sss

    I dont wanna here NATHAN

  • cornynigga

    these guys are corny as fuck

  • dmc

    If this does better the Kiss the Ring(40k), ill consider it a success.

  • King Ant

    Welcome To OUR HOUSE!!!!!

  • brl

    Good interview, good album. Love the humility. Joell’s sunglasses are dope, btw. Anyone know what those are?

  • hiphop

    Slaughterhouse!!!!! yo that album is dope go out and cop that now!!! welcome to our house. for real doe love the album props to the juggernauts . by the way crooked i is a [email protected] monster

  • darealdeal

    lool cornynigga was smoking crack when he said that and confused slaughterhouse with young money lol smh. SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!!!! WELCOME TO OUR HOUSE DOPE ALBUM GO OUT AND SUPPORT

  • 587

    I love slaughterhouse but honestly that girl pisses me off.

  • WhyHate

    this website is not doing a good job at supporting the album its been out almost two days and no ads no where to be found promoting it SMH. SLAUGHTERHOUSE: WELCOME TO OUR HOUSE go out and support if you claim to be a fan. Joey killed it on the other side.

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  • Proud of them. Hope this album does well. SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!!

    The Source – DJ Doo Wop & The Source Present ‘Bridging The Gap’ Mixtape I’m on #13 on side A. and #14 on side B.

  • Nickey Negrito

    That GOODBYE joint is hard. Deserves a video…….


    its funny how they get upset when people ask or talk about my life and throw it away . people are scared to just tell them that these songs suck. there’s nothing wrong with making a celebratory or a club joint its just that the songs are not good songs, just because the fit a certain format. lets take for example , a club joint like mercy the beat is hot and the lyrics are hard and it gets radio play because its a good song no pun intended . it goes back to making classic shit not just because it sounds like it could be a radio song and fits format. if you make something undeniable something classic the radio will have no choice but to play it . and people will buy it because its undeniable .
    out of all the songs on this album i think they came close to making some classic joints like flip a bird , get up and goodbye . then there are 3 or 4 more songs that were just good like hammer dance, die , the other side , park it sideways . over all the album was good not great . i bought the album and support slaughterhouse . they just need to accept that the attempts they made to make so called radio joints failed. they should concentrate on making classic records and everything else should take care of itself . peace

  • bx

    50k-60k first week… dem boyz aint shit talkin’ all crazy y’ll niggaz been in da game for ova a decade an still aint movin’ no units solo R group da real hood niggaz aint pumpin’ y’ll shit, dem white kids aint coppin’ dat, y’ll aint EM or DRE fuck boyz

  • 313

    royce u aint got no real fans niggaz actin’ like H.N.I.C

  • Architect

    Something tells me 313 lives in the fucking 90210. You ain’t never seen a mile road south of 10 bitch. And to BX, they never claimed to be Em or Dre, NO ONE I repeat NO ONE is Em. No rap artist will ever put out Multiple DIAMOND albums again.

  • 2.0

    bx is just a straight hater no one is selling shit now days only a couple of people plus they better then half the people out there the album was dope couple of track i didn’t like but apart from that dope album 8.5 out of ten worth the buy to me anyway some of you so called fans are just to picky i think you just need a bit of pussy clam yours self’s down a bit and enjoy the music SLAUGHTERHOUSE WELCOME TO OUR HOUSE GO OUT AND COP THAT .oh and who gives a shit if the hood a bumbing it the hood dont buy shit anyway you broke motherfuckers and im from the hood but all i hear in the hood is gay shit like wayne waka drake ross SMH be real nothing but whack shit in da hood ill pick slaughterhouse over these clowns any day. PEACE fuk boy

  • flo

    id never thought they would come back lol

  • Blaxdon

    If it don’t knock…..If that shit ain’t hot…….if it’s not “music to me ears” or my Dre beats….Guess what? I ain’t gonna be buying shit nyigga Fuck you -you ain’t heard it’s a recession out here?!..I’m so mad at you niggaz I ain’t even pick up the mix tape and that shit is free.I don’t care what your woman said to you. For the record everyone knows those singles are trash. I still like pump it up and boom. I likes Joe budden’s bet cypher freestyle. Joell is one of my favorite lyricists still to this day. Crooked I survived suge night and still lives. Swizz beatz is a monster. But the singles are WACK. Cee-lo is a beast but he straight up robbed y’all. A sign of no respect if you ask me cause cee-lo can spit too-if y’all niggaz COULD write singles like that–I could hate your guts all day but would have to give props. Snapbacks and tattoos is fucking retarded–but it’s a hit. Niggaz in paris anyone? Someone previously mentioned Mercy—now dats a hit nigga. Cruel summer will be getting copped and yeezy ain’t even have to beg. Why? Because every damn song off that shit so far Knocks!! No brainer. That “my life” joint literary made me sick to my stomach I had to walk away from my laptop (’cause I sure as fuck wouldn’t hear that weak sauce in any decent club or party-a black one anyway). I’m sorry 2chains got that heat; I don’t like that nigga but the bitches do and I love the bitches so I bought 2 of his singles. I hate Rick Ross CB4 ass but not only can he consistently make a good album but he introduced Meek. Now him I like- Amen is the shit. and I will cop’ Meek no question oct 30th.Drake is a cornball but he’s a dope rapper/songwriter. Now slaughterhouse, I mean sausage party (ask anyone who been to one of their shows). Believe it or not I like Slaugherhouse. But they are not listening to the fans. They think we 1-don’t know what the fuck we are talking about even though we putting down the $$
    2-Are somehow asking for blood from a stone or just maybe you niggaz ain’t got it like you thought
    3-Real slaughterhouse fans have watched these guys go from dope songs/mixtapes to sellouts right before our eyes. Yeah I said it…..Everything about the music biz that they hated -the thing that made them become a group in the first place they went crawling right back too. I can’t respect that

    Long story short. People waited a long time for some wack shit. Don’t know what the problem is but y’all Slaughterhouse niggaz better fix it. and quick ’cause the way I hear it Jimmy I-V don’t fucking play. Also no eminem can’t save you. At least he can write hits–(you know without Royce)

  • Blaxdon

    Now Joe BuddenTV- that shit was hot

  • Liquid?


    Did they like molest you or some shit? Jesus dude you make it sound like they make music for YOU personally. There are several good songs on that album. Actually most of the songs are pretty good. Yes the beats they chose could have been much better, but that’s what happens when you let slim exec your album.

    I know tons of people that love this album. I also know tons of people that hate this album. Like they said you can’t please everyone, but who cares their album still wasn’t mainstream enough. Everything you said in your long ass post told everyone that you like garbage music.


    They get offended when people say those tracks are garbage because they took the time and money to make those. My life really isn’t that horrible I don’t get why people hate on it so much. Throw it away is still more listenable than anything Wayne or 2Chainz has put out. I’m not saying I liked those songs that much, and I didn’t, but you have to give them credit for trying something different.

    I’d say the album was good, but not great. Mixtape was great.