New Video: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis x Wanz “Thrift Shop”

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis go for broke (literally) and hit the Goodwill for their new visual aid. At least the video cost more than $20. Ha!

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  • onenutned

    this was actually decent.

  • brl

    I like what these two are doing. Positivity.

  • gimmedoze

    video is cool…..already liked the song, makes me like the song some more

  • King Ant

    This is fucking awesome tho

  • LoverofHipHop

    This was dope. Fun video to a funny song. Love when a visual enhances a song and makes you enjoy the song even more.

  • Evan

    Love to see that Seattle steez gettin mainstream love. Mack is the shit

  • Anti-Lolipop Kid

    White dawg shit.


    not a big fan but i see why people like it. this beat is dope though

  • Muslims are fags too

    Funky as him hiding those bags and hairline. This shit went to the top ten on iTunes hip hop chart overnight

    Welcome to the revolution. Here is a hint. MORE WILD SHIT IS ON THE WAY

  • CK1

    basically asher roth. love it or hate it but i personally think this is garbage

  • Mack2081

    ^how can you compare him to Asher Roth? Asher Roth is garbage. Macklemore is a true artist, have you even heard any of his other songs?

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