• Jacob

    Easily one of my favorite new artists out now

  • C’mon Son

    Best news i heard all day! Congrats to Rittz, he got the bars.this should have happened a long time ago. I planned on buying this dudes album after hearing Waiting. Not even thinking twice about it.

  • King Chandler

    One of my favorite new artists signs to one of my top 5 D.O.A., this news made my day, Tech and Trav have one helluva ear for talent, the strange roster is a problem, not many labels have that much diverse talent all around. I still havent heard one bad verse, let alone song from Rittz and I have early material from before White Jesus, dude is practically flawless.

  • strange

    dude talented as fuck, finally now gets the prope he deserve

  • real-talk


  • this was something i think everyone could have easily predicted..

  • This white boy really did his thing on Yelawolf’s album.

  • The_Man


  • rittz is dope tip my hat to tech n9ne for finding new raw talent no matter what they sound like rock or hip hop. he see’s it.

  • So this is the shit yall hating ass dudes like ?

  • E ‘Righteous The Prophet


    “White Jesus, nigga come out on Stage” All types contradictions.

    Congrats Rittz!

  • kayandgee

    i just checked him out never heard of him before, hes nice with it

  • TrueSkool

    Wow errybody jumpin ship on yelawolf before he totally self destructs. This dude ritz was hands down the best thing about yelawolf and all his music.

  • Real Talk


  • Soonami


  • Suwooifyoubangin

    It’s about time somebody noticed him. Rittz has been puttin it down for a minute. Glad to see this happen

  • Tam Dee

    Strange music got more stranger? Fire whoever the fucked typed that shit. That’s like saying something got more better. Don’t be a retard. Check your spelling and grammar, people wont value your opinion if they think you’re retarded.