i thought the image wasnt loading hahaahaha!

  • G

    Maybe if he opens his eyes and smiles we could see part of his face

  • D!A!E!


  • DMVinyourchick

    Rofl?? Atlantic actually let him do this?

  • omg this guy is so boring, so pretentious, such an idiot. fuck lupe fiasco

  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    How creative.

  • Devante

    He tries way to hard to prove tht he’s not like other rappers

  • So Icy Boi!

    and people call Gucci Mane unoriginal. Gucci and Waka’s covers are much more creative and innovative… while diz bitch ass nigga Lupe cant even use MS Paint to save his ass. smh. swag

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    Cmon lupe, GTFOH!
    The F&L1 cover is one of the coolest album covers and you follow it up with this?

    but whatever, it’s about the music I guess. I still look forward tothe album As long as it sounds NOTHING like lasers…

  • JJ

    C’mon Son! smh

  • I am baffled by the lack of willingness to think outside the box. He has been saying it in every interview leading up to his album release that he is not impressed with the way the world has been giving a glimpse of what rap music is. A black cover unlike the one Jay-z did has to be connected to every song on the album. Note the saying keep it in the dark, every song on the album is better kept in the dark but aren

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    haha this dude lupe.

  • ….he’s truly forcing it.

  • IamRealTalk



  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    LMAOOOOOOOO. This shit got niggas runnin in circles! Perfectly executed. I can almost guarantee the reaction were hearing now is exactly what Lupe was goin for. Yes its stupidly simple but the impact is flawless…

    @ IamRealTalk….WOW…almost pissed myself reading that shit LOL!

  • Jgertz

    The deluxe version will be a different shade of black

  • Oz

    i started laughing hard soon as i saw it, suprised no one has done this yet its crazy love it

  • Oz

    this is the most powerful cover anyone could ever have made because in the absence of everything you have nothing when you have nothing you have the potential for everything

  • Dashing

    Lupe is a good rapper.

    That said, everything else about this dude is off.

    Thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. Check.
    Thinks he’s more creative than everyone else. Check
    Thinks hip hop now sucks and he is saving it. Check.

    The problem is – he’s not that creative. He’s pretty ignorant on a lot of his views and he’s NOT saving hip hop.

    But really, I could ignore all of that and just focus on the music but the real problem is he’s making the worst music of his career and there’s no sign that it’s getting any better.

    My worry is that L.A.S.E.R.S will be better than his next shit. The first 3 joints leave a LOT to be desired. They’re not “hot” as singles(i.e. “Show Goes On”) and they’re not substantively good either. What happened to the “Hip Hop Saved My Life”s and the “Daydreamin”s.

    “Lamborghini Angels” has some decent verses, but it’s not a great song.”Bitch Bad”? I’ll pass. The Pete Rock joint? Unoriginal and uninspired are gracious adjectives. And I definitely won’t be bumping any of that shit in two weeks, let alone 2 months or 2 years. I STILL bump F&L and The Cool.

    So now we have an all-black cover for his album. For what? Is it to trying to make us remember the one song that didn’t suck on L.A.S.E.R.S? Is he moving the album in a pro-black militant direction?

    The real answer is that it’s going to be some convoluted representation of his art and the state of the world and music and blah, blah, blah… and the label probably didn’t want to get into another fight after L.A.S.E.R.S so they said “Fuck It. At least he’s churning out the soulless electro-infused lethargic rap we wanted. He can have the cover.”

    The Great American Rap album, this is not.

  • IamRealTalk




  • Tokyo Tony

    Very creative…..this guy is beyond what u think….maybe part 2 will be a all white cover???? Interesting…

    It’s all about the lyrics…not the cover or the features or hooks or bull shit….

    That’s why DOOM weres a mask

    Lupe is the G.O.A.T.

  • Fame and Misfortune

    Cosign @ Dashing 1,000,000,000,000,000%

    As a matter of fact, somebody cut and paste that shit and send it to Lupe.

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    “IamRealTalk says:



  • Nix Kuiper

    Because it’s all about the music

  • Nix Kuiper

    Fuck an image listen and see an image with your mind

  • ^

    Yeah… This is post-LASERS Lupe Fiasco, not Jay Electronica.

    Close your eyes and all you’ll see is a preachy douche on poppy synth beats. Wearing his faggy sunglasses, no doubt.

  • rome

    *Daps Dashing*

    nothing but the truth.

  • lol well done Lupe

  • man

    actually ran this thru photoshop to see if it was a hidden thing about it…. there isn’t : /

  • Aggie Pride

    Lupe are u serious.

  • wizsucks

    I hope this overrated faggot flops

  • Black Shady

    LMAO i thought it wasnt loading so I was like fuck it…30mins later I see it on another blog and im like are u fuckin serious LOL

  • Pretty stupid move. Dashings right too. He should flop.


    Y’all gotta check out this new rick ross X nas triple beam dreams freestyle ………its things like this that make me feel hiphop is still alive!

  • LuxuryRap

    I was definitely about to refresh the page like wtf why isn’t it loading.
    When Lupe does go independent, I can’t even imagine how that will be.

  • Musikal

    So much for creativity.

  • WTF Is Lil Wayne Wearing

    Now this is a NIGGER. Lol.

  • Lo

    “When Lupe does go independent, I can’t even imagine how that will be.”

    The music will change cause at that point he may literally become The Happiest Man In the World..I can imagine him going Bananas on tracks then cus he’d be free with no stress. And from personal experience I know without stress you’re 100000000x better person, everything’s better,EVERYTHING (ie: Music)

  • No idea is original.

  • Lupe is it tho right now. We deny it because he decides to go left

  • milli

    Should be interesting? I clicked refresh thinking it was a joke.

  • M.T

    lol dafuq

  • soff

    omg!! rare!!!!! so creative!!!! so much thought put into this!

  • Donn



  • Artistic Genius

    Brilliant… it describes the music perfectly…

    Simple, pretentious, pseudo-creative, boring, and above all else, there’s nothing of any substance there. Lupe really has nothing left to offer.

  • Victor Von DOOM

    Only Kanye West fans care about album covers…:

  • The Fantastic Four

    ^Butthurt stans only make comments like these only pop up when the cover is laughably terrible

  • kayandgee

    i thought it was pretty genius myself, i like lupe, we need him hes cool with me

  • LuxuryRap

    Victor Von DOOM thought MMG’s album cover was impeccable.

  • Dashing

    @ IamRealTalk, I like Lupe, which is why I’ll take the time (while I’m supposed to be working) to criticize him. Cause he’s talented. And can rap his ass off. Honestly, if he wasn’t talented I wouldn’t care.

    But I can write in comment-speak if you prefer:


  • he should release a statement explaining his thought process

  • Slik

    I’ve honestly never given two shits about an album cover..But I guess some of you like wank it to your favorite rapper’s pictures…its cool though I dont judge

  • The compliments given harkens back to “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

  • @hitormissmusic

    Honeslty? No he shouldn’t. Every time he tries to explain something, he makes it much worse.

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    For those who don’t understand what this may mean…Watch any of Lupe’s interviews with this half of the year. He’s constantly talking about how rappers today are “Technically good” but lack substance and creativity. I believe the black cover represents “Blackness first”, and also represents a “blank canvas” intended to motivate ppl to think creatively about what should be there. Makes sense.


    No one is touching Lu in any Rap lane! Period!

  • Kill

    Around My Way Kick, Push
    Bitch Bad Daydreamin’
    Lamborghini Angels I Gotcha
    Battle Scars The Emperor’s Soundtrack

    This is not the same person. He’s not even trying to make good music anymore, he’s trying to prove to himself that he can fit in on MTV. Everything from this tape, right down to the cover, is wack as fuck, and none of it has anything at all to do with the original F&L.

  • Kill

    ^ FOOD AND LIQUOR 2 Singles: Around My Way; Bitch Bad; Lamborghini Angels; Battle Scars

    FOOD AND LIQUOR Singles: Kick, Push; Daydreamin’, I Gotcha, The Emperor’s Soundtrack

    Battle Scars wasn’t even a part of the project until it became a semi-hit in Australia. Are you fucking kidding me? This is coming from the guy who spent so much time and effort on his first 2 albums that he started with the end of a story on F&L, then composed an entire hip-hop opera for his second album, and THEN finished the second album’s story with the beginning of the story that he finished on his first album (referring to The Cool (song) and The Die). I know it looks like I must have fucked up that order somehow, but I didn’t- THAT’s the kind of time, effort, skill and storytelling that he used to put into his albums, and we loved him for it.

    And now he’s at a point where 12 synth-pop beats and some idle semi-social bitching make an album, and if he missed a track that’s became vaguely popular, fuck it, just jam it in there somewhere. It doesn’t matter, because there’s no soul left. This is an artist that has TRULY sold out.

  • AfricaZK


  • DJ Black House

    Bwahahahah yung I thought my laptop was fucking up, but Lupe bout to do numbers off Food & Liquor 2, son a crazy international fanbase

  • Fuck an image listen and see an image with your mind

  • I actually like it,now i’m wondering why people are so mad there’s nothing for them to stare at , i thought the music was suppose to paint the picture for them.

  • karma

    Stop saying the music is gonna paint the picture for you. Lupe hasn’t been good enough to do that for a very long time.

  • what the…..
    imagine when someone sees this cover in Best Buy or Target…
    they be like “What the….” lol

  • ben_dover

    Let the music speak for its self. Maybe that’s the theme

  • Kunta Kente

    Typical nigger move. So niether of Food & Liquor’s cover actully show a food & Liquor store

  • Comparisons

    The first album’s cover had a picture of him, floating, surrounded by his interests, influences and favorite things. He gave you everything about himself, who he is, and how he got there.

    This one is just blank. He didn’t give you shit.

  • Ryuk

    Got you clowns talking about it.

  • Nix Kuiper

    To: ^says
    Actually this is post Food & Liquor Fiasco. Post The Cool Fiasco. Post an industries grip on his music Fiasco. The horrid blackness of your state of mind keeps you in a cell. Why should you need a bloaded album cover and lots of colors to sell. Black man with a diamond chain and rubies pull the “pale”. And blackness is all we see, amidst this sea some still prevail. Simple and complex an opaque cover contains a story left to tell.

    Looking forward to the new album Lupe

    *Quit Biting*
    Nix Kuiper (Kuiper pronounced like “viper”)

    Download on ITunes

  • Kingmaker

    “Post an industries grip on his music Fiasco”

    What exactly are you trying to say? He’s still on Atlantic, and he still sounds like it. There’s no difference at all between this new music and the trash that was on LASERS. This isn’t “post industry” Lupe Fiasco, this is “still happily playing ball with the record labels” Lupe Fiasco.

  • Kingmaker

    Fix your abysmal grammer, and I might even respond to the rest of that mess. And what kind of asshole spells “viper” with a “Ku”?! lmao

  • Kingmaker

    @ JunnBugg

    Yes, but at least they’ll notice it. It’s simple marketing- there are plenty of people who will see the album and know what it is, and none of them are going to avoid buying it just because of the cover. But there are more people that will have no idea what’s going on with the black CD, and if even 10% of them pick it up to check it out, that’s gonna be by far the most viewed CD on the shelf.

  • Jus10

    Hey… it got the people talking. Taking a page straight out of Jay & Kanye’s publicity stunt manual. DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER.

  • Newlopw


  • fuck yall close minded BITCHES

  • fuck yall simple minded BITCHES

  • dont like it. but im sure other people will. Hope the album is hot. hit me for BEATS on twitter @onemanbeat

  • Jomo

    So… the leaks from this album so far have been Around My Way, Bitch Bad, Lamborghini Angels, Battle Scars, and now this cover. And I haven’t been impressed by a single one of them.

    0 for 5? I think it’s officially time for me to stop checking for Lupe Fiasco. It was a good run while it lasted.

  • The fact that there are some many different interpretations being thrown about on this message board validates the genius of this cover.

  • &roid

    ^No, it doesn’t. All it means is that the cover communicates absolutely nothing at all effectively.

    He could have put a picture of shit on the cover, and everybody could fight over whether it means the CD is going to be “the shit” or “a piece of shit”, and it would still be a terrible cover. Lack of definition does NOT make something a worthy piece of art, and it certainly doesn’t compensate for a complete lack of effort and creativity. All it’s good for is impressing simple hipsters like you.

  • G

    It’s black power you dumbasses what color more powerful then that.

  • How Wonderful…

    I love Lupe for being different. Some of yous bug me out. If jay Z dropped an album with this cover I doubt thier would be so much negative talk from a good portion of yall.


    My name

  • I’m guessing what he’s trying to say is let the music speak for itself. Think about it. When you see a CD cover, do you actually remember it or bring it up in a conversation? I can’t tell you what half of the CD covers I own look like. With this one I’ll just have to close my eyes and there it is.

  • I’m just tired of hearing this nigga trying to stir the pot by saying the most off the wall shit he can think of. Trying to be provocative for the sake of it, just drop some hot shit. I was a day one nigga too, Lupe the Killer and all that was my shit, but I’m almost done with this nigga.


  • Nix Kuiper

    @KIngmaker “Kuiper” is PRONOUNCED like “viper” lol. Why?? How about you google the Kuiper Belt System the same way you googled how to spell abysmal. “Nix” is a moon of the now “dwarf planet” Pluto. And The “Kuiper” Belt System is something worth researching since you do not understand obviously. And who “spells” or “pronounces” “viper” with a “KU”….idk…maybe 424 astronomers of the International Astronomical Union. Tisk Tisk, how can a king make a king if he’s only a knight.

  • Nix Kuiper

    Album: Legendary Beginnings
    Artists: Nix Kuiper/Remedy
    Group Name: ReAssurance
    Now available on ITunes!!!!! Listen Up and Accept Change!!!

    Also check out my 2011 album: Nix Kuiper/Plutonian NoDe
    On ITunes as well.

    More to come

  • Nells

    Please explain whats creative about this???? I’ll wait.

  • Your Public Enemy

    Haha cant believe how mad you all are getting over a album cover lol

  • Money Miles


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    nice cover

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  • Hip hop has the bitchiest fans ever

  • jm





  • A lot of people seem to hate this cover… it’s the #1 topic on the Hip Hop Blog sites. Lupe wins.

  • Acapella

    Niggaz are mad at this. Lmao!

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    r u srs? lol.

  • Cruel Thing

    It’s not Lupe’s style to have a star studded tracklist but looks dope

  • LezBeHonest

    yeaaaaa.. not interested

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  • SanchoDick

    Hmmm…idk, ‘ve moved on to better things….like GAMBINO! favorite rapper out right now. Well, relevant rapper. If em drops anything soon, then I’ll say em. But thats a given

  • Black Shady

    this nigga always tries to be soooo different. even with the tracklist smh

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    This niggas is beyond predictable now. I can tell by the songs that he released already that its gonna be his typical mambo jumbo America’s the victim bullshit. Lupe used to go over niggas heads now he just another rapper. Jay Electronica won and he ain’t never gonna put album out.

  • Yo

    [email protected] the guys who said lupes music has no substance….. Open your ears man he’s one of the only artists out there that raps about real things instead of rapping about women we’ll never fuck money we’ll never see and cars we’ll never drive like 99.9% of the rappers out there…….
    This is why people in general disregard hip hop as a form of art because ignorant “hip hop” fans buy the bullshit and pass over anything that has real substance or anything that’s different from the “norm”……… I’ll take any lupe album or mixtape over anything from an MMG or YMCMB artist any day get that poppy club banging trash rap outta here Rap needs to go back to being about the lyrics and Lupe is a magnificent lyricist

  • TK

    I was going to post this on my blog, but…

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  • 11

    This album is none more black:

  • AKofteam80ty

    its pretty fucking dope actually, and it takes balls to do it, catch up if you aint on it lol. Can you imagine seeing this on ITUNES OR ON THE SHELVES OF STORES>>> He is sparking so much interest and controversy; yall already thinking about his album and want to hear it, a.) because you’re intrigued, b.) because you are baffled and don’t understand how he got away with it, and want to see him fail. c. because you simply believe he is making a statement and believe its creative and know that he will bring in the music. I’m no fool and a big fan, I’ll take c.

  • KoldCase

    he couldve had a better cover

    but as long as the lyrical level is even close to his old shit im happy

  • Muslims are fags too

    He is a black square. Get it? What a fucking nerd

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  • FTW

    Fuck a cover.

    Listen to the music.


    Only time will tell. This didn’t get to 118 comments because he’s doing something wrong… Lupe is the Future. Tracklist looks legit. Music is gonna be crazy!

  • Joe Puff

    Might as well call this album something totally different, this fool is way too political

  • p.tone


  • Vic Rain

    holon….I thought this was a double disc? Or maybe I’m lunchin

  • Youknowiknow

    @iamrealtalk your an ignorant subhuman.

  • spreadLOVEandPEACE

    haters gon hate……..

  • lawski

    What’s wrong with a blacked out album cover?! Maybe isn’t trying to say anything with the cover and said fuck a cover…or maybe it could be that BLACK is unfortunately associated fear, hate(which oddly enough everyone is hating on it)danger, the unknown, negativity. Or beautiful things can be birthed out of darkness. Seeds are planted in dark/blackened soil, the stars and planets hang against the blanket of darkness. Hell, even it could be he isn’t trying to be creative…rather he’s allowing the audience to be creative and use their own imagination.

  • all the haters u dont know hiphop he along with nas jay z and kanye are all we have left so show respect

    • to hell with hip hop. Rap’s better. a lot of rappers side with hiphop because they arent lyricicsts and are bubble gum rappers. Rapping the tru knowledge and skill. Hiphop’s a lower form of rap.