Slaughterhouse “Rapfix Live” Freestyle

Before ending MTV’s Rapfix Live session yesterday, Sway persuaded Royce, Crooked I and Joell Ortiz to leave on a good note with a few bars for the viewers at home.

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  • Real Talk



    even though it’s see dead people it is still fiiirrre!!!! #SLAUGHTERHOUSE

  • Cool A

    LOL! They were so confused like little kids! If you recycle a verse rap that shit with confidence!

  • rawstyle

    yo did yall see what i seen. yo this is not any kind of hate I repeat no hate.. just a real hip hop view of what just happened. those dudes looked real unready for that cypher. they didnt know if to sit down stand up lol they had sway looking confused.. THEN ROYCE THE 59 with that corny CELLPHONE SHIT.. yo that shit is wack spitting rhymes off your phone THAT’S NOT HIP HOP. anyway he was lost and shit without it. he said lol AHHH MAN ITS NOT CHARGED LMFAO.. when crooked started it off ready to go WITH NO PHONE like he always do killing it. this dude royce standing around looking for an outlet . lost he looked like the most UNREADY RAPPER IN THE LIME LIGHT i ever seen word up. that shit looked corny. then he cop a plee before the verse. yo joell killed it its good thing joe missed that one.. peace

  • MikeMike

    U gotta think there literally doing hundreds of interviews in one day plus performing plus dealing with their personal ish…..yall seem to forget that these guys are human and at the end of the day all four of them gave more than enough to this thing we call hip hop add up their mix tapes,albums, and freestyles and u guys r never satisfied and its funny the ones that complain are the ones that never buy albums.

  • Toni

    Agree with Cool A. looked real amataure(sp?) like.. damn I wanna hear some new freestyles sometime not just recycled.. I know they got lotta shitt goin on but man throw a real freestyle in there somewhere.. anyways cop the album, doooppe