Thisis50 Interviews 360

After kicking a freestyle, 360 chopped it up with the folks over at Thisis50. He spoke on Queens origins, Everywhere & Back EP, and not selling out. Jack Thriller’s right: If money doesn’t buy happiness, you’re shopping at the wrong place.

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  • brl

    B. Dot is really pushing this guy.

  • Midsize Jerm

    Isn’t is “ThisIs50” not the significantly more ignorant “This50”?


    What brl said ^^^^

  • Trill Cosby

    If Thisis50 conducted the interview how is bdot pushing him??

  • sloppy swag

    I’ll never understand why this guy has so many haters. Did you actually listen to his tape?? @brl @newkidondablock best new NY dude out

  • RIP Chris Lighty

    I like dude!! Good interview

  • brl

    Yes, I have listened to his mixtape. Hating? Nothing negative was posted? Just an observation.

  • mr

    @ Midsize Jerm Isn’t IT*
    How you correct a nigga with a mispelled word?

  • Huil Lu Kim

    Anytime, yall barely post these thisis50 interview, which usually are good with Jack Thriller.
    Now cause of this below average cat ya linked it. lol

  • sloppy swag

    @brl If no hate why that comment? The tape was solid and should be pushed.

  • racked up shawty

    they just posted a slaughter house thisis50 interview a few days ago. Yall love to hate this kid lol


    I actually like this kid and im from queens, im just sayin he popped out of nowhere anyway he aint the best out of NY right now…

  • nard

    ^^ who is the best outta NY?

  • Hip Hop

    360 is the truth. fun wit ya heard. Best new guy hands down.

    MR. BLUE SKY >

  • great sound cant wait to see him live!

  • Confused

    Disgruntle rappers, got to love them.

  • Foamposite KING

    I guess 360 is right….money don’t buy happiness..RIP Chris Lightly….Nonetheless 360 is a dope rapper and the next best thing in Hip Hop…so haters…HOP OFF PHAHAHAH