• Black Shady

    the projection are 50-60k right? hmmmmm no bueno muchachos lol. shoulda dropped the mixtape as the album lol

  • NextUp

    i bought it, deluxe was sold out at 2 locations so either they aint ship enough or projections arent going to be too accurate

  • Commentator of Common Sense

    …and we care about sales why? Do we work (get a check) in the music industry?

  • war22

    …Captain Planet….made me crack up

  • @black shady
    What difference does that have on the sale?

  • doomlight

    you guys if you want to support them , buy the album from itunes

  • Brown Shady

    Sales wouldn’t be better if they dropped the mixtape instead, think for a second!
    I supported Slaughterhouse, I bought the Deluxe Edition. It’s a great album, coulda been much better though

  • Cole World

    I like the mixtape and album about the same. I bought the Deluxe. Even though I like the music, not a whole lot of it has replay value for me. I actually enjoyed the Yelawolf album slightly more.

  • lool yo you gotta love these there just straight real SLAUGHTERHOUSE: WELCOME TO OUR HOUSE COP THAT NOW DOPE ALBUM. joell’s is a joker that dude can be a comedian yaowaa

  • loooooooool

    CAPTAIN PLANET HIS A HERO LOOOOL joells is funny i watched the end bit like 3 times lol mad funny but yh slaughterhouse go cop that album

  • Mic Check

    I hate Hot 97!

  • Slaughterhouse!!!!

    @DJDooWop & @TheSource Present ‘Bridging The Gap’ Mixtape http://www.thesource.com/articles/241054?thesource-prod=931bn2ojs9bn49cbmu0onci3n7