New Video: Slaughterhouse x Swizz Beatz “Throw It Away”

Slaughterhouse get it the ski pig mask way with Swizz Beatz in their new video. Spolier alert: There’s an Eminem cameo. welcome to: Our House available now.

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  • PPrrootteesstt

    Welcome To Our House Review Score: 1/10

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ likes to sing and dance as opposed to actually LISTENING to a song.

  • Brown Shady

    @PPrrootteesstt nobody cares about your review, you’re nobody!
    SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!! Go get WTOH. In stores now!!!

    ***Spoiler Alert*** Em is in the video… at the end

  • dmc

    Welcome To Our House Review Score: 7.9/10

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  • Albumoftheyear

    dopest album of the year. 10/10 go support slaughterhouse .

  • boo

    ^^ yeah ? Keep calling it the dopest album of the year in a month when it has no replay value

  • Victor Von DOOM

    Album is ass cheeks.

    Smh at these niggas ROFL

  • G’D UP


  • Me

    House Gang!!!!

  • Kip

    Most disappointing album of the year 4/10 had such high hopes for this

  • JOHNYblaze

    havent really been feeling slaughterhouse, decided to check this out and i remembered why. And DAMN this beat sounds like some old j dilla beat i swear i have heard, the sample when swizzy sings.

  • M.T

    hammer dance> throw it away
    least fav track in this disappointing album.

  • Cz

    Ill admit that this album wasn’t what I was hoping for…and in fact theyre all kinda hypocrits for saying they won’t sell out as they’re trying to sell out…but they tried something outside the norm and they still had insane lines throughout the cd and should at least get respect for trying new things. At least it’s not some cookie cutter sounding shit like Ross…am I the only one who thinks every one of his verses sounds exactly the same??

  • Real Talk

    I like that new 2 Chainz video better, if Ye and 2 Chainz can have darker singles why can’t Slaughterhouse, some of these singles just don’t fit their vibe.

    Shouldn’t they have stayed true and gone for darker singles that fit their vibe and are more like Lose Yourself, Til I Collapse, Stan?

  • onenutned

    can’t blame niggas for tryna eat but this is basura

  • real talk

    that album was dope yh there where a couple of tracks that was not all that beat wise but dam you lot are going on like there’s better mainstream hip hop albums out right now cause imo ross drake wayne all these whack cats out there and your gonna go on like this is the worst album ever yh different from what your use to from them but that’s why they gave a mixtape a week or so before the album you fuk boys lol let them SHINE SLAUGHTERHOUSE GO COP THAT ALBUM NOW AND SUPPORT fuk the wayne dikriders throw youself of a bridge

  • Black Shady

    LMAO @ the comments lol

  • damn SH

    I wonder how this would have come across if they would’ve just actually paid Swizz beatz for an actual beat instead of using this terrible Denaun Porter bi-product? I’m thinking 4 or 5 months before the actual break up and 2 years before the actual Royce and Eminem beef again

  • Jaymalls

    These comments are funny as shit! Lol!

  • dodo


  • Tre

    I dont kno wht y’all expected..A group was formed with the 4 biggest failures in hip hop history wht the fuck u think wud happen? U really expected them to sell? Y’all surprised the album was wack?? Well i’m not surprised

  • matrix

    I dont get it…Yall really think this shit was wacc tho?? Like really?? THE FUGG DO YALL LISTEN TO?? This fuggin album was DOPE!!! I LUVED Almost all the production…you see the thing about production is that you have to actually PRODUCE SOME FUGGIN MUSIC…NOT FUGGIN RECYCLE THE SAME 808s AND SNARE KICCS THAT EVERY FUGGIN BODY USES…you mothafuggas is the reason every beat sounds the same talking bout they should have been with MMG…YOU RETARDED NIGGZ DONT KNOW SHIT BOUT GOOOD MUSIC…GET THE FUGG OFF THESE GREAT ARTISTS POST…by the way i luved the video it was well put together and thought out…CHUUUCH!!!

  • Victor Von DOOM

    ^Troll,don’t mind him

  • doomlight

    tre is that your real name :))) wtf you hate on slaughterhouse ? or you is a fan of mmg group or dunno what is hip hop ? the album is dope and real fans will support them

  • Me

    @Matrix Word!!! These the people trying to kill Hip-Hop they programmed to like this new school watered down pop infested metrosexual version but I say that to say this, it’s not their fault they know not what they do.

  • @p0is0nedkoola

    Been a fan of SlaughterHouse from the jump & even longer fan of Budden/Ortiz. However, SH took zero chances with this album. They really played it safe which is weird because with major label backing they have that “it’s the first major album” pass where they can try different things and if it doesn’t work, just use that pass to make a more commercial album. The truth is these guys write lyrics, not songs and there’s a difference. Hip Hop is important and I love it. However, the people that stand out are the ones who are willing to try something new while stealing from the past. These guys tried to sound modern, took no chances & made nothing that stood out with their album. Some good lines on there, a couple of good songs, but overall, a big disappointment. I would give it a 6/10

  • Double u-Tee-Eff

    Dope Video
    Dope Album

  • Ppl hate what slaughterhouse stand for which is that side of hip hop that doesn’t rock w/ what’s popular.

    All I know is SH would murder whoever yall like in rapping.Album is not bad and not the best.Worth listening to and got a couple bangers w/ a few songs I don’t check for as much.Good album

    @DJDooWop & @TheSource Present ‘Bridging The Gap’ Mixtape

  • Evil

    Slaughterhouse Welcome To Our House is Album Of The Year,no doubt about that.

    Softies doesnt like the album because they need dumb down lyrics to understand,they like those soft candy rappers like wayne,drake,nicki and bullshit like that.
    This is real rap music.
    Dope video!

  • 313

    i think they are tryin’ too hard with there concepts of music, not being true with dem self or with there real fans. Keep it street as long as da hood fuckin’ wit u da radio must play ur shit…stick to da scrip be real to urself shit will pay off …

  • Nickey Negrito

    Wu-Tang had EIGHT MEMBERS on their debut, and they pulled that shit off so well and organized. The problem with SH is that they try to “Symphony” each record. Meaning like the song THE SYMPHONY, they were four dope ass rappers on one track and pulled off an untouchable classic. Now if all 4 of the rappers in THE SYMPHONY decided to do a group effort, i doubt Marley Marl would have kept saying lets make another SYMPHONY record. NO! He would have made individual tracks like the Wu did. He would have told 2 of the rappers to make a joint together, like Wu did and the beats would have been superior hip hop beats like the Wu did on their debut.

    SH didn’t do that. Ppl think they did the ultimate hip hop album, which in all actuality, they didn’t. They are some great lyricist, not great SONGWRITERS. 6/10

  • Greg

    U clowns think because ppl think Slaughterhouse album was wack that means they are Lil wayne or Ross fans or wateva..This album was a big disappointment and i’m a huge fan i actually BOUGHT the first album which NOBODY ELSE on here did and its much better than this Lyrical Murderers,Sound Off, Onslaught 2 and Microphone just those tracks of the first album shits on this entire album

  • STFU.

    Lol… You either love them or hate them. Like Eminem.

    SH would EAT your favorite rapper. No homo.

  • Marko V

    ^ What he said

  • PPrrootteesstt

    That Greg dude is the only guy making sense here. I cosign that post 100%


    Slaughterhouse… I have always loved !!! FOr being different and lyrical. Love them all. All beasts.
    I’m happy for them too.
    But…honestly…..*SIGH* the production was very disappointing !!! Hooks too. Lyrics, meh…
    Yelawolf’s album (also exec. prod by em) destroys this… track for track. TRACK FOR TRACK.
    Open your ears ya’ll. I bought this CD….and i really feel that i should….THROW IT AWAY, just throw it away….

    I hate to do this….but – 2 BLACK THUMBS DOWN


  • Oz

    joel ortiz head is always sinking into his neck

  • mr.kee

    they are great rappers but they dont pocess the ability to actually make a song wich is the differnce between an artist and a rapper they just spit barz dope but it kinda gets old gou gotta conform to the beat

  • Ran

    Greg is right, I bought both albums too

  • HipHopCritic

    Album is incredible.

  • HipHopCritic

    And I’ve been a fan for 4 years. Bought the first album, listened to every solo mixtape, everything.

  • sm

    i dont care if no one reads this, i cant even listen to rap anymore, its so bad, these guys eminem j cole there really is only a few actually rappers left in the game the rest just use wack 808 beats use the same flow make music about nothing with stupid punchlines that make no sense, hence mmg, ymcmb, good music is ok, but you people actually listen to rick ross and think he is good? these people have no skill they cant make songs for shit and in the mean time these 4 rappers are pouring there heat out on a mixtape and album that was produced by one of the greats of all time its an instant classic, but because they gave you the hard shit on the mixtape and actually made songs on the ablum you call it wack? there is something wrong with that you people dont like rap you like people calling them selves bosses and saying how much pussy they get, to quote lil wayne ” i go so hard, they call me go so hard” peace